[Download] ✤ Dykes to Watch Out For (DtWOF, #4) ➺ Alison Bechdel – Buyphenergan500.us

Dykes to Watch Out For (DtWOF, #4) Grin, Giggle, And Guffaw Your Way Through This Celebrated Cartoonist S Graphic Commentary Of Contemporary Lesbian Life.

[Download] ✤ Dykes to Watch Out For (DtWOF, #4)  ➺ Alison Bechdel – Buyphenergan500.us
  • Paperback
  • 133 pages
  • Dykes to Watch Out For (DtWOF, #4)
  • Alison Bechdel
  • English
  • 10 November 2018
  • 1563410087

    10 thoughts on “[Download] ✤ Dykes to Watch Out For (DtWOF, #4) ➺ Alison Bechdel – Buyphenergan500.us

  1. says:

    I m liking the full version so muchthan the essential added storylines, particularly the shrink, are great I also really like how it gives you muchof a sense of place and time with all the added details The Serial monogamy story at the end is also really great Very glad I was able...

  2. says:

    There was a time in my life when I spoke about the characters in these comics Mo, Toni, Clarice, Sparrow, and all the rest as if they were real people, as if they were my friends That fact speaks to how real and how great both the writing and art are.

  3. says:

    I m probably going to give the same review to all of Bechdel s Dykes to Watch Out For.hilarious, relevant, and political

  4. says:

    I always enjoy Allison Bechdel s work, and this volume of Dykes to Watch Out For didn t disappoint funny engaging, I want to read the entire series This volume touched on interpersonal plot as well as larger political themes and it just left me wanting to be a part of this quirky group of friends.

  5. says:

    A hit from the past, and still enjoyable.

  6. says:

    These continue to make me laugh all the time I love the ongoing story, themes messages, and humor

  7. says:

    I ve been reading DTWOF in a totally random way, first from the middle, then from the end, then to the beginning It just have to do with their availability in the library but it looks like I ll never get my hands on the 1 and 5 book coz they don t have it And the last one I am definitely going to order Any...

  8. says:

    Really enjoying this, but it is depressing to read about the politics of 1990 and see that little or nothing has changed Here is an example of a political harague that the character Mo goes on And so Bush and his bloodthirsty buddies in the defense biz can play whose is bigger in the Persian Gulf, and prove that we need evenmoney for military spending And look at this The media don t even question what we re doing over there They just whip everyone into a frenzy over protecting Really enjoying this, but it is dep...

  9. says:

    So I own the Collected DTWOF, but I found this in a used bookstore in Saskatoon and have vowed to collect as many of the original comics as possible there are some strips that were left out in the anthology This particular one has a side strip by Bechdel called Serial Monogamy which I especiall...

  10. says:

    a good gay read, even if you re not gay i did, however, resent the implication in the short serial monogamy that only lesbians are part of a great social experiment to transcend outmoded behavioral paradigms i m pretty sure the whole LGBT community is a part of that much vaunted experiment.

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