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Shaken and StirredSometimes, I Think My Story Is About Addiction And Adultery Other Times, I Think It S About Bad Luck With The Avon Lady And Not Just One One I Could Chalk Up To Chance Two Rotten Avon Ladies Feel Like A Curse.So Begins The Story Of Poppy Koslowski She S Trying To Recover From A Hysterectomy, But Her Family Has Other Ideas She S The One With The Legal Right To Call Time On Her Alcoholic Grandfather In North Carolina So She S Dragged Back Across The Country From Her Rebuilt Life Into The Bosom Of A Family Who Barely Notice The Old Man S Imminent Death.Poppy Understands Why Her Grandfather Is Dying Alone She Remembers How His Drinking Terrorized His Family But She Also Remembers The Man Who Made Her Feel Worthwhile And Wanted After Her Parents Marriage Collapsed, A Time When She Felt Like She Was Dying Alone.Plunged Into A Crazy Kaleidoscope Of Consulting Doctors, Catching Fire With An Old Flame, And Negotiating Lunch Venues With Her Mother And Grandmother, Poppy Still Manages To Fall In Love With Her Best Friend Because Nothing In The Koslowski Family Is Ever Straightforward.Joan Opyr Brings A Wry Insight To The Absurdity And Devotion That Holds Families Together Her First Novel Idaho Code Was A Finalist For A Lambda Literary Award And Won A Golden Crown Literary Award Opyr Lives In Idaho.

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  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Shaken and Stirred
  • Joan Opyr
  • English
  • 19 March 2018
  • 9781932859799

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    This book seems to be a hybrid fiction memoir I love anything written by Joan Opyr Her writing style makes me chuckle Writing about her grandfather I assume he was her grandfather hard to believe he s a work of imagination she uses phrases and words that I m sure I heard in my youth from my own crazy relatives But where I rolled my eyes at the oldies, discounted their wisdom, and let myself forget their colorful language, Opyr remembers, appreciates, and writes about it with humor Her father is distant, unloving and unlovable, and frankly embarrassing to be related to, but don t we all have relatives like that She writes about him with humor and makes me feel like maybe my awful relatives weren t all bad Her grandfather was an alcoholic, a bully, a womanizer, but again he s described so that you see the whole person, and you can t help but like him a little bit What ...

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    This is excellent Poppy Koslowski goes home to North Carolina to pull the plug on her grandfather Naturally, this is about way than pulling the plug It s her story of growing up in a typically dysfunctional Southern family This has possibly the best opening sentence, paragraph, and page of anything I ve read in I don t know how long It s a sweet story of friendship, love, family, and the things we say and don t say Absolutely realistic depictions of those awkward moments when someone says something and the other hears it completely differently than it was intended and years of hurt ensue At first I wasn t sure who to root for and I liked that Opyr kept that tension going Toward the end, it became obvious, but I still felt it could have turned out differently and still been satisfying I like a story that propels me forward, and this one did Even the characters you don t like, you like, or at least you can understand why Poppy considers them important My only peeve was that the book flips back and forth in time with no markers other than a line break The story gets broken up such that you forget what pivotal moment you re in because she s suddenly back tracked to tell som...

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    I admit I originally judged this book by its cover and put it into my, maybe read, as a last resort, column I don t know why, I just didn t like the cover Why I would decide to reject a book solely on the cover makes no sense at all since I do 99% of my reading on my Kindle, but let s face it, the cover art catches my eye, it makes me take a closer look at the book, and causes me to read the product description Yes, it s ultimately the description or someone s recommendation that makes me buy a book but the artwork is what grabs my attention It s why I love book stores I like walking through the aisles and seeing the cover art.Fortunately for me, I m part of an online book group and this is the book they are reading for February I m new to the group and I wanted to participate in a least some small way So I sucked it up and bought the book Well you know the adage don t judge a book by its cover that couldn t be any truer in this instance.Shaken and Stirred is a quirky and fun novel On than one occasion I was lau...

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    Okay, I picked this up at the Title Wave on spec because the cover was kind of unbelievable Somehow, and for some reason, the publisher a small timer out of Michigan focused on contemporary lesbian fiction had gotten the printer to cover it with, uh I don t know the proper term for it, but, alpine flower guide field first aid manual cover stock The really plasticky, resilient stuff with a grid of little nubbins on it to give it a matte feel except they re too big for matte so it just feels like plastic with a grid of nubbins Y you know Okay, I m gonna just assume you know who the hell puts that shit on a novel I HAD TO FIND OUT.Well, it tur...

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    Mary Frances Poppy Koslowski has been called to come home because her grandfather is dying Poppy has the power of attorney to make decisions regarding his medical care Abby, Poppy s long time best friend, comes along to lend her support This is a family drama story about Poppy s growing up and her relationship with various people Poppy and her grandfather used to have a close relationship but it became estranged because of her grandfather s alcoholism and womanising ways We also read about Poppy s first love, the girl next door, Susan which didn t end happily This may explain...

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    Loved it The tale weaves along, past and present, the life of Poppy she s called home because her alcoholic grandfather is dying The book is set up along the formulaic lines of estranged character returns to her hometown and rediscovers her past lover, but that s about the only formula I saw Poppy, her mother and grandmother, the back story of her grandfather, father ...

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    I loved the humor in this book and being a smart ass my self made it all the funnier Sometimes it took me a minute to figure out where in the story she was at because she kind of jumped around from past to present but other than that it was a great story.

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    This novel is Opyr s best Clear, funny, at times hilarious, and touching The characters are very real, and the humor comes from real situations and relationships I highly recommend this novel.

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    Eh Just not my type of thing Part cliched family drama, part romantic comedy Amusing in moments, but mostly just meh.

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    Very good book that was humorous, touching and real The author took subjects and added lightness and fun Good read.

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