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Altered Genes, Twisted Truth This Book Tells The Fascinating And Frequently Astounding Story Of The Biggest Scientific Fraud In History, And How It Has Maintained Its Force In The Face Of Overwhelming Contrary Evidence It Describes How The Massive Enterprise To Restructure The Genetic Core Of The World S Food Supply Has Routinely Violated The Standards Of Science And How For Than Three Decades, Hundreds Of Eminent Biologists And Scores Of Esteemed Institutions Have Systematically Contorted The Truth In Order To Conceal The Unique Risks Of Its Products And Get Them Onto Our Dinner Plates.Altered Genes, Twisted Truth Reveals How This Elaborate Fraud Was Crafted And How It Not Only Deceived The General Public, But Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Barack Obama And A Host Of Other Astute And Influential Individuals As Well The Book Also Exposes How The U.S Food And Drug Administration FDA Became A Key Accomplice And How It Covered Up The Warnings Of Its Own Scientists, Broke The Law, And Repeatedly Lied In Order To Usher Genetically Engineered GE Foods Onto The Market Without The Safety Testing That S Required By Federal Statute Consequently, For Fifteen Years, America S Families Have Been Regularly Ingesting A Group Of Novel Products That Are Not Only Being Sold Illegally, But Were Determined To Be Unduly Hazardous By The FDA S Own Scientific Staff By The Time This Gripping Story Comes To A Close, It Will Be Clear That The Degradation Of Science It Documents Has Not Only Been Unsavory But Unprecedented And That In No Other Instance Have So Many Scientists So Seriously Subverted The Standards They Were Trained To Uphold, Misled So Many People, And Imposed Such Magnitude Of Risk On Both Human Health And The Health Of The Environment.Steven M Druker Is A Public Interest Attorney Who Initiated A Lawsuit That Forced The FDA To Divulge Its Files On Genetically Engineered Foods, Which Revealed That These Novel Products Had Entered The Market Through A Colossal Fraud In Organizing The Suit, He Assembled An Unprecedented Coalition Of Eminent Scientists And Religious Leaders To Join As Co Plaintiffs Praise For Altered Genes, Twisted Truth A Fascinating Book Highly Informative, Eminently Readable, And Most Enjoyable It S A Real Page Turner And An Eye Opener Richard C Jennings, Ph.D Department Of History And Philosophy Of Science, University Of Cambridge, UK Altered Genes, Twisted Truth Is Lucid, Illuminating, And Alarming As A Former New York City Prosecutor, I Was Shocked To Discover How The FDA Illegally Exempted GE Foods From The Rigorous Testing Mandated By Federal Statute And As The Mother Of Three Young Kids, I Was Outraged To Learn How America S Children Are Being Callously Exposed To Experimental Foods That Were Deemed Abnormally Risky By The FDA S Own Experts Tara Cook Littman, J.D Druker S Brilliant Expos Catches The Promoters Of GE Food Red Handed Falsifying Data, Corrupting Regulators, Lying To Congress He Thoroughly Demonstrates How Distortions And Deceptions Have Been Piled One On Top Of Another, Year After Year, Producing A Global Industry That Teeters On A Foundation Of Fraud And Denial This Book Is Sure To Send Shockwaves Around The World Jeffrey M Smith, International Bestselling Author Of Seeds Of Deception Genetic Roulette This Incisive And Insightful Book Is Truly Outstanding It Dispels The Cloud Of Disinformation Spread By The Biotech Industry And Allied Scientists That Has Duped People Into Believing GE Foods Are Adequately Tested And Safe To Eat It S A Must Read And A Pleasure To Read.

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    A must read scary, thought provoking stuff we all have a right to know Well researched and argued And, he provides suggested solutions at the end.

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    I found the writing highly repetitive and did not even finished reading the book, because the new information I was receiving per page was rapidly hitting diminishing returns in the last chapters But when reading non fiction work I would say that important than how enjoyable was the reading is how the book changes your beliefs, and this work definitely did I finally see where some of the con GMOs are coming from Having said this, from all the pages I read, I do not remember the author even writing one positive thing about GMOs This gives me some doubts on how credible and unbiased he is Maybe there really isn t anything good to say about GMOs but I found this highly improbable Ah, as a guy with a Biology background who s doing software development I found the ana...

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    A great book Eye opening I hope everyone has the patience to read this book

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    Steven M Druker is a public interest attorney who initiated a lawsuit that forced the U.S Food and Drug Administration FDA to release its files on genetically engineered foods As a result, the way the agency had covered up the warnings of its own scientists about the risks, lied about the facts, and then allowed those foods onto the market in violation of federal law He has served on food safety panels held by the National Research Council and the FDA, presented lectures at numerous universities, met with government officials throughout the world, and conferred at the White House Executive Offices with a task force of the Council on Environmental Quality.Druker discusses the politicization of science and the Institutionalization of illusion the expansion of the biotech agenda and the intensification of the politicization how the facts about a deadly epidemic caused by a genetically engineered food have been consistently obscured the governmental faud that put GE foods on the market how food safety officials in Canada, the EU, and other regions also sidestepped science and sound policy multiple risks accompanied by minimal caution media accomplices in cover up and deception oversights, anomalies, and delinquencies how the research on GE food has failed to show that they re safe and instead confirmed that they should be off the market the inescapable risks of altering complex information systems, whether electronic or biological the devolution of scientist...

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    Very well researched and referenced, this should be required reading for Americans and anyone who cares about food security and the future of American agriculture There are some assumptions if person X had known fact Y, course of action Z would hav...

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    Well written, and forces you to think about establishment views on genetically modified food.

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