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The Story Of The 1798 Rebellion The 1798 Rebellion Forms A Central Part Of The Narrative Of Modern Irish History It Marks At Once The Formation Of A Unified Catholic And Protestant Movement For Independence And The Beginning Of The End For The Home Rule Experiment Of The Grattan S Parliament.Like Much Of Ireland S History It Also Encourages Debate And Discussion In This Short History Of The Rebellion, Gillian O Brien Explores The Context, The Characters And The Progress Of The Rebellion As Well As Looking At The Aftermath.O Brien Explores The Formation Of The United Irishmen, The Growth Of Radicalism Within The Society And The Eventual Outbreak Of Revolution She Also Examines The Fighting Itself And The Final Defeat Of The Rebels Despite Various Attempts By Foreign Powers To Intervene, The Sad Aftermath Including The Passing Of The Act Of Union In 1800 And Robert Emmet S Rebellion In 1803.

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    I m exceptionally ignorant about all history, including Irish This is short, easy to read and covers enough that I can nod along or not to conversations about the period.

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