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Daredevil Legendary Artist Lee Weeks Returns To His Favorite Hero For Angels Unaware A Blizzard Brings New York To A Stand Still And A Young Patient Lies On Death S Door Unless Daredevil Can Get To Him In Time

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    Dare DEVIL RED Free on Comixology.yay Matt Murdock gets mugged during a blackout in NY He wakes up in the hospital with amnesia and freaks out about being blind, butso that his other senses are amplified.Eventually he recovers enough to stop the men who mugged him from robbing the ER.Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, a family is in a car crash, and one of the kids diesthey decide to donate her organs, including her heart to a girl in NYC The chopper crashes near the Hudson River, Ma ...

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    This book was better than I expected Lee Weeks should writeof his stories, he s shown here that he s a pretty capable wordsmith.

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    like a 2.5

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    I love Lee Weeks art and now he is writing a Daredevil story that starts out very well.

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    image This read like Lee Weeks had ignored every Daredevil comic that came out after Frank Miller s initial run a lot of noir y posturing, Catholic iconography, rugged self sacrifice Weeks doesn t seem capable of unnecessary flashiness, which...

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    Looking forward to read the next two parts.

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    3.25 stars Enjoyed the art but the story didn t grab me.

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