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LIFE Queen Elizabeth at 90 Queen Elizabeth II Has Been Called A Queen For All Times At 90 Years Old, She Now Has Eclipsed Queen Victoria S 63 Year Record To Become Britain S Longest Reigning Monarch She Remains The Head Of State Of The United Kingdom, And A Group Of 16 Nations Including Canada, Australia, And New Zealand Call Her Queen, And She Is The Head Of The British Commonwealth Which Includes Another 37 Countries, Including India And South Africa Throughout Her Life, She Has Enjoyed Much Happiness Including A Long And Happy Marriage To Prince Philip, Four Children, And Silver, Golden, And Diamond Jubilees Her Reign Has Also Been Marked By Much Sadness, Including The Failed Marriages Of Three Of Her Children, The Deaths Of Close Family Members And Friends, And The Markedly Difficult Death Of Princess Diana, Which Took A Toll On Both The Royal Family And The Nation.Now Life, In A New Special Edition, Takes A Nuanced And Thoughtful Look At The Reign Of Elizabeth At 90 And What Her Over 63 Years On The Throne Have Meant For Her Subjects And The World At Large, Including Her Early Life, The Years Of World War Ii, Her Marriage And Family, Life Ruling Great Britain, Windsor Family Values And Much.With Dozens Of Stunning Photos, Stories, And Analysis, Queen Elizabeth At 90 Is A Keepsake Of Both A Life Well Lived And An Historical Time On The Throne, As Well As A Captivating Collection For Any Royal Watcher.

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    Nothing new Glossed over most events, but totally ignored other important ones In such a short book there was an awful lot about the dogs Wished they would have used proper names and titles throughout the whole book Some factual errors.

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    The Queen A quick easy read about Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain It covers her life from birth to the present day.

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    Very quick read.Nice little overview, especially after 10 hours of watching The Crown The photos are great too Nothing heavy or disconcerting, nice quick read.

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    Quite informative loved learning about this incredible woman She is one of a kind.

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    Very interestingA very interesting read She is certainly a Queen and so very dedicated to her job and her country Cheerio

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    Great pictures

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    I would cry super loudly if somebody tries to make an introduction for me but spent six pages on talking about my dogs

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    A Queen for the AgesAfter 65 years on the British throne, Queen Elizabeth II is the only English monarch most of the world has ever known This brief biography isn t in depth, but is fun reading for anyone interested in the royal family.

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    Biography is a big word for this too short book, which probably wasn t actually meant to be one I did find some new pieces of information on the queen, who was a mistery to me before The best thing from this book was her sayi...

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    A quick overviewThe book is an introduction to Queen Elizabeth s life It presents the highlights without much depth I recommend it to anyone who just wants a snapshot of the duties of the monarchy, and what role it plays in government that of a goodwill ambassador to...

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