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Layover In This High Concept Psychological Suspense Novel From The USA Today Bestselling Author Of Somebody S Daughter, A Chance Meeting With A Woman In An Airport Sends A Man On A Pulse Pounding Quest For The Truth Joshua Fields Takes The Same Flights Every Week For Work His Life Is A Series Of Departures And Arrivals, Hotels And Airports During Yet Another Layover, Joshua Meets Morgan, A Beautiful Stranger With Whom He Feels An Immediate Connection When It S Time For Their Flights, Morgan Gets Up To Leave, Leans Over And Passionately Kisses Joshua, Lamenting That They Ll Never See Each Other AgainAs Morgan Slips Away, Joshua Is Left Feeling Confused By What Just Happened Between Them That S When He Looks Up And Is Shocked To See Morgan S Face Flashing On A Nearby TV Screen He S Even Shocked When He Learns The Reason Why Morgan Is A Missing PersonWhat Follows Is A Whirlwind, Fast Paced Journey Filled With Lies, Deceit, And Secrets To Discover The Truth About Why Morgan Is On The Run But When He Finally Thinks Every Mystery Is Solved, Another Rears Its Head, And Joshua S Worst Enemy May Be His Own Assumptions About Those Around Him

✤ Layover  Download ➸ Author David      Bell – Buyphenergan500.us
  • Paperback
  • 407 pages
  • Layover
  • David Bell
  • English
  • 14 February 2018
  • 9780440000877

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    You know what I really liked about this book Actually I liked quite a few things First of all, David Bell is a great writer His characterizations are excellent, I felt like I really knew Joshua, Morgan, and the determined and persistently hungry Detective Givens Small aside I think her hunger was supposed demonstrate how dedicated she was to her job, how self sacrificing, etc But too often when the POV switched back to her, it led off with her gnawing hunger as if it s noble to be starving Eat a sammich and just stop.Okay, anyway, I also loved that this doesn t get wrapped up in a lovely package Much like in real life things are complicated, emotional and can feel unfinished I respect the opinion of anyone who felt the end fizzled but I don t share your opinion For me, it worked.I loved that I felt hopeful, frustrated, disappointed and charmed in spots Sometimes I wanted to throttle Joshua, far often Morgan but overallI felt.Thank you to David Bell, Berkley Publishing Group Berkley and NetGalley for giving me this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    This was a struggle for me I really enjoyed Bring Her Home and Somebody s Daughter by David Bell I think they are fantastic and recommend them if you have not read one of his books before But unfortunately, this book did not work for me In all honesty, I read the first fifty percent of the book, skimmed through until the last two chapters which I did read in full I just had a hard time connecting with this book I almost dnf but wanted to skim through and read the ending to see how things ended Sometimes a book just isn t the right book for every reader I believe this is the case here This will not deter me from reading another of his books in the future I think he is an extremely talented writer and I look forward to reading of his work in the future I am choosing not to give this book a rating as I did not read it all the way through in its entirety.This was a traveling sister group read.I received a copy of this book from the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review All the thought and opinions are my own.

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    I really enjoyed the first half or so of the book but my interest started to go downhill from that point on For the most part though, I did like how the author chose to wrap the story up as I don t think he went the conventional route The ending for me helped push this book back into the decent read category, although other readers might disagree.Joshua Fields hates flying which is a bit of a problem considering his job forces him to travel by airplane all the time A pre flight routine of popping a Xanax and drinking an alcoholic beverage is the best solution he can come up with to dealing with his phobia During a layover at the airport he meets a mysterious woman named Morgan Joshua feels this instant connection to her and doesn t want this feeling to be lost forever when they both go on their separate ways So he does something a little bit crazy, and well from that point on, he is involved in gigantic crazy mess From the get go some people might have a hard time believing the lengths Joshua went to which all started with a brief encounter with a stranger While I could at least kinda understand Joshua s motivations in the beginning, after awhile it became too much and it was hard not to want to yell at him what the hell are you doing It s always difficult for me when reading a thriller to still enjoy the book when I have lost faith in the main character The second half was a bit of a struggle to get through but some of the last few chapters went a long way in redeeming the book in my eyes Trying not to get into spoiler territory, but I am curious if the author had to fight with the publisher to write the ending he wanted rather than go in a typical direction Keep in mind though I m not saying it is a spectacular ending, I like how it felt oddly unique I m probably in the minority with that opinion though.Overall, a decent thriller but it s not one I would say is a must read.Thank you to First to Read for the opportunity to read an advance digital copy I was under no obligation to post a review and all views expressed are my honest opinion.

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    This is my first David Bell book and I plan to read of his books in the future Layover has college grad, mid twenties, Joshua on one of his weekly trips to another city where he conducts commercial developer deals for his father s company Joshua s single dad did all he could to give Josh a secure life, as he grew up, and now into adulthood I think his dad might have been a bit too helpful to Joshua because he is actually bored with his high paying, secure job, his longtime ex girlfriend who he might get together with again if he can rise above his apathy for the relationship , and his very nice bland apartment in Chicago Joshua seems to float through his travels, fueled with alcohol and Xanax due to his fear of flying Overall, Joshua isn t really very happy with his life and it seems that he may be bored by how easy things are for him As the story starts, Joshua meets a beautiful young woman, Morgan, in the airport gift shop Over drinks in an airport bar, Joshua falls in lust with Morgan and is despondent after one long passionate kiss, then Morgan running off, telling him they will never meet again Joshua naturally ditches his job, changes flights to Morgan s flight and starts following her around and tracking her down when she gets away from him All the while, Joshua is calling his dad to tell him what he s doing I really liked Joshua s dad and felt for him because it s obvious he loves his son dearly and wants what is best for him, even if it means that Joshua leaves the company It s only at the very end of the book that we learn Morgan s story and reasons for running There wasn t much to endear me to Morgan and learning her story just sealed the deal for me that she wasn t worth all the trouble that Joshua was going through to hook up with her While I wanted to know how the story ended, I do wish it had a stronger ending and even a stronger plotline Once again, the dad, a side character, was my favorite in this story and he did raise a good son, who needs a lot skill when it comes to making decisions Thank you to Berkley Penguin Publishing Group and Edelweiss for this ARC.

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    A chance encounter led to quite a ride, including last minute flight changes, an unconventional escape, small town sleuthing, and a pricey stolen item It was quite a story and one that had a lot of interesting twists and turns About the BookEvery week Josh takes the same flights for work But his routine changes when on a layover he encounters a mysterious, beautiful stranger Josh and Morgan have an instant connection he shares things about his life with Morgan he hasn t shared with anyone else.When Morgan slips away, telling Josh they will never see each other again, Josh is crushed How can he let her go Josh determines that it won t be the last time he sees Morgan It isn t too late, not while they are on this layover And then Josh learns by chance that Morgan is actually a missing person And her disappearance may be linked to another case, one that is being investigated by detective who is determined to put the puzzle together In alternate story lines, we follow the mystery of Morgan and the link to another disappearance What is the truth about Morgan ReflectionI found the premise for this book really interesting, and I definitely wanted to know how it would all turn out There were a few twists that really surprised me I found myself loving the chapters narrated by the detective She was a great character and one who I wish had been a bit prominent.Josh and Morgan, on the other hand, I had a really hard time liking Normally I am ok with an unlikable character, but these two were unlikable in a way that wasn t fun Morgan was really frustrating because she wouldn t answer questions directly.Josh was a huge mess I did root for him to figure everything out, but I also didn t particularly like him He moped about how alone he was, when actually he did have great people in his life I loved the scenes with his dad and with another character Renee In fact, Renee has a scene that I m still thinking about two weeks after reading this I would love a follow up book about Renee, even though she is a minor character That is how you write a likable character I am team Renee Despite all of that, I really did want to know what happened The book started off really strong, but got a bit slow and drawn out at around the halfway point But stick with it because the last quarter of the book is great I really liked the ending scene as well, and a few other things that happen There was also a character in the mid point of the book who works at a hotel that I thought was fascinating.I ve read a few books by David Bell and he has such a unique writing style This book was very different in terms of the plot from the others I ve read much thriller like than usual , but the feel to his writing and characters are so consistent I think a lot of people will have fun with this book, and certainly find it to be an engaging read with a strong conclusion Thank you to Berkley for my copy Opinions are my own.

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    Joshua Fields takes the same flights every week for work His life is a series of departures and arrivals, hotels and airports During yet another layover, Joshua meets Morgan, a beautiful stranger with whom he feels an immediate connection When it s time for their flights, Morgan gets up to leave, leans over and passionately kisses Joshua, lamenting that they ll never see each other again Joshua does not want to accept that It was love at first sight for him He is a young man in his twenties, and let s face itat that age you can feel desperately in loveStunned, and not understanding why she would say this, he looks up at an airport TV and reads HAVE YOU SEEN MORGAN Missing person, Believed Endangered Morgan Reynolds, Age 25 For the first half of the book, I was engaged in the story As a person who travels for a living, David Bell captured the essence of airports, flights, airline employees, and hotels perfectly.I was enjoying the premise, and the relationship developing between Joshua and Morgan, even willing to accept that people in their twenties don t always make the BEST decisions often allowing emotions to override common sense or logic But then the plot was revealed the reason that Morgan was on the run.And, this whole cat and mouse game became EXTREMELY far fetched, and as any of you who have been following my reviews knows.I do NOT do well with implausible plots 3 stars because I wasn t bored but really, that might be a bit generous Will I seek out the next David Bell offering Yes Although this wasn t his strongest work to date I still enjoy his writing, and look forward to reading what he publishes next.

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    I ve read another book by David Bell and liked his writing style This book grabbed my attention from the start I thought it was a clever premisetwo strangers meet by chance in an airport and are intrigued with one another but all is not what it seems.The first part of the book was good and I was fully engaged trying to figure out what was going on It dragged a bit in the middle and I was not very satisfied by the ending I expected something surprising I think David Bell is a talented writer but I don t think this is one of his best books I d like to thank Berkley Publishing Group and NetGalley for granting me the opportunity to read this Advanced Reader Copy.

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    Say, 3.5 stars First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, David Bell, and Berkley Publishing Group for providing me with a copy of this publication, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review.Being an avid traveller and a great fan of thriller novels, I was sure that the latest David Bell story would pull me in and leave me wanting There are few as busy as Joshua Fields, who logs hundreds of thousands of miles in the air each year With that type of lifestyle comes a great deal of time spent in airports During one layover in Atlanta, Fields runs into a beautiful woman and they share a drink at an airport bar With both of their flights soon to board, Fields and this mystery woman prepare to go their own ways, though a scintillating kiss has Fields wanting He rushes to find her and boards her plane to Nashville, only to be rebuffed Unsure of what to do next, he tries to find out all about this Morgan Reynolds, only to discover that her friends have listed her as missing It is then that some of the pieces fall into place for Fields, who wonders if Morgan is hiding from someone Renting a car to find Morgan, Fields finds himself in a small Kentucky college town Much is soon revealed and none of it is quite as it seems The local police take an interest in Fields and tie in a larger investigation to a missing businessman and a valuable item that is also nowhere to be found Could Morgan Reynolds be a completely different woman from the one who shared a drink with Joshua Fields This may be the kick in the pants that Fields needs to steer clear of others while between flights An interesting thriller, though not as impactful as I would have liked Perhaps a little turbulent, but not in a way that would have me tossing out recommendations at this time.I enjoy newly discovered authors, particularly when they have a collection of books from which to choose This was my first David Bell novel, an author who comes with many recommendations from those whose opinions I value greatly Joshua Fields proves to be an interesting, if not somewhat flimsy, character While he is master of the skies, he seems oddly drawn to a random woman and races to learn about her Perhaps I ought to have used this as a yardstick for how he would develop for the rest of the novel, as he thrives on na vet and silly choices Juggling his work life and this obsession, Fields seems to have turned himself into an amateur sleuth, while still making some silly choices Contrast that with Morgan Reynolds, who is always one step ahead of everyone and whose actions have repercussions that few could have foreseen While I was no attached to her as a character, I suppose I valued her journey a little With a handful of other characters, including a detective who seeks to juggle work and home responsibilities, the story moved forward and came to some expected resolution There was nothing inherently wrong with this piece, though I was hard pressed to find that spark that left me dying to flip the page or hope for another novel in the series David Bell is capable at his craft, keeping the chapters short and the cliffhangers coming I may have to try some of his other work, which has received many accolades, before making a final opinion of this author Kudos, Mr Bell, for entertaining your readers Like the title, this book is likely best read to kill some time while travelling this summer.Love hate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons, a different sort of Book Challenge

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    Well I really struggled with this book and am having a hard time writing this review.This was my first book by David Bell and unfortunately it really missed the mark for me I have read my fair share of excellent thrillers in this genre and I have to say that I m pretty hard to please This fell extremely flat for me.I probably should have DNF this book but have heard nothing but great things about this author The book started off ok for me and than it just was a bit of a hot mess Joshua is a mess period So, you meet a woman on your layover in the airport at a bar and she tells you not to follow her ever again so what do you constantly follow her NOOOOO thank you It was predictable and lacked suspense I don t like writing negative reviews but I don t have much else to say that I enjoyed about this book.2 stars for me on this one.Thank you so much to Berkley for the arc in exchange for an honest review.Publication date 7 2 19Published to GR 6 30 19

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    An airport, a chance meeting, an unforgettable, secretive woman, a woman who is actually missing, tells lies, and doesn t care who she involves or hurts.Joshua saw a woman in the bar and knew she needed some help just by the way she was acting so he canceled his plans with his father to follow Morgan.Is she really worth helping After their meeting, Joshua thinks so.Meanwhile, Morgan s boss is also missing and not too long after Morgan had been visiting him to try to straighten out the reason she didn t get a raise after making an app that made the company a lot of money.LAYOVER moves along quickly, and I wanted to tell Joshua to stop being a good guy and stay away from Morgan who he never knew before this chance meeting.Every time they would find each other and Morgan would leave it had me wondering why in the world Joshua was being so irresponsible.just get back to your life, but he wasn t listening to me More characters, and I mean people who don t think, come on the scene and each one has some connection to Morgan, but the only connection they all have in common is that no one knows where Morgan is or where her boss, Giles, is.LAYOVER kept me in suspense, kept my blood pressure up, and had me shaking my head at the stupidity of Joshua Why go to these lengths and ruin your life Maybe he didn t think he was ruining his life Mr Bell has written another tense thriller with a very manipulative, not nice main character.Are you intrigued ENJOY if you read LAYOVER 5 5This book was given to me by the publisher in print and NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review.

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