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Mile High Club Turn Around, He Whispered Into Her Ear She Knew What Was Coming, But She Was In A Daze She Didn T Think About The Consequences, Not AnyShe Stuck Her Fist Into Her Mouth To Keep Quiet, And When He Lined Himself Up With Her Entrance And Then Pushed Inside, She Stifled A Moan As Best She CouldBlake Prince Isn T Your Average Guy He Carries Two Things With Him A Bible And A Gun Oh, And A No Limit Black Card So Three Things.After He Practically Ripped A Guy S Arm Right Off To Save Me, Along With An Entire Plane Full Of People, I Thought It Was A Little One And Done Thing That I D Maybe Lose My Job Over.Imagine My Surprise When I Found Out Precisely How Not Done My One Was I Ll Give You One Little Hint It Involves Two Pink Lines

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    This read like a random but somewhat chronological collection of chapters in a prequel The chapters start off and I m thrown the scene would be somewhere else some time in the future I had to take a while to fill in a lot of blanks on my own and figure things out The heroine, understandably just want to go home where she d be safe, or so she thought So she kept whining she wanted to go home, like a kid.The hero, thrifty, religiously devout strangely and smitten but didn t know ...

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    I would give this book 3.5 The reason it wasn t 4 is because I felt robbed of the last few chapters of the book I like the author s writing style, which is natural and unforced, but I felt like there was a bigger book waiting inside to be set free.The plot was interesting, a little different from the normal billionaire romance genre A flight attendant and billionaire passenger bond over an attempted hijacking and all sorts of twists and ...

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    Acceptable with some limitsI found that there were things missing in this one that left me wondeirng what the hell just happened The read was quick The mystery was not a true mystery The conclusion was justing waiting to be reveal not discovered I felt like I was cheated out of a full story.

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    I really hate to give low ratings but in this case, I feel I need to warn any potential buyers The writing is good and the storyline had so much potential but the execution was awful.chapter one she is a flight attendant on a delayed aircraft and he offers help with disgruntled passengers, after his help, he takes a seat end chapterchapter two jump to another flight she gets taken by hijacker he t...

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