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The Best Lies Remy Tsai Used To Know How Her Story Would Turn Out But Now, She Doesn T Even Know What Tomorrow Will Look Like.She Was Happy Once Remy Had Her Boyfriend Jack, And Elise, Her Best Friend Her Soulmate Who Understood Her Better Than Anyone Else In The World.But Now Jack Is Dead, Shot Through The Chest And It Was Elise Who Pulled The Trigger.Was It Self Defense Or Something Deeper, Darker Than Anything Remy Could Have Imagined As The Police Investigate, Remy Does The Same, Sifting Through Her Own Memories, Looking For A Scrap Of Truth That Could Save The Friendship That Means Everything To Her.Told In Alternating Timelines, Thelma And Louise Meets Gone Girl In This Twisted Psychological Thriller About The Dark Side Of Obsessive Friendship.

✻ The Best Lies  Epub ✾ Author Sarah Lyu – Buyphenergan500.us
  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • The Best Lies
  • Sarah Lyu
  • English
  • 15 September 2019
  • 9781481498838

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    there s a sapphic Elise in YA lit holy shit I ve reached my final pokemon evolution

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    Thank you to Simon Schuster for proving a physical arc in exchange for an honest review.Quick note, this keeps getting listed in LGBTQIA upcoming novels for 2019 and I m completely confused This story is about obsession, abuse and an incredibly toxic friendship My guess is that people are seeing these girls calling each other soulmates and saying they love each other in intense ways and automatically throwing it into the LGBT category but there is never any talk or even hints or sexual attraction or romantic love This about two girls who are going through an awful time and cling to each other in a very unhealthy way and just how far they are willing to go to hold on ...

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    No one s eating that lollipop anytime soon Except maybe the dog Another thing How did that lollipop melt I need realistic covers

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    wow I uhwowthe portrayal of toxic friendship was SO good and reading this was watching a trainwreck happening that you couldn t tear your eyes away fromdefinitely recommend Content Warnings view spoiler abuse, small hints of suicidal thoughts, toxic friendships, arson, murder hide spoiler

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    Disclaimer This book was sent to me by the publisher, Simon and Schuster, via Edelweiss for an honest review Jack s blood is on my face and in my hair, on my arms and under my fingernails There was so much, the paramedics had rushed to me, checking for signs of trauma, but they couldn t see the hole in my heart.My name is Remy.I am seventeen years old.This won t last forever If you re looking for a book that will leave you feeling lost, confused, unsure of your current relationships, angry, sad and utterly devastated you ve come to the right place The Best Lies is a book that literally any and every person can relate to Whether it touches the angst in your stomach for never experiencing a friendship so true and heartfelt tickles the sadness in your heart for lost love or flicks awake the inner child slumbering deep inside you that can relate to the dire need for someone this book is going to rip your feelings out through your eyeballs and leave you so full, you ll be empty I am pain and pain is me First off, this book isn t going to be what you think Even from the quotes I have inserted throughout this review, you are going to be making assumptions as where this story will go And most likely, you re going to be wrong This book is about toxic relationships, mental health, obsessive behaviors, manipulation, family dynamics, love, friendship and of cour...

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    5 GIGANTIC STARS Enmeshed friendship on steroids Dead boyfriend Best friend holding the gun Dysfunctional familiesI can t remember the last time a debut stunned me as much as THE BEST LIES Sarah Lyu s first, of I hope many, YA novels dripped voice and heart thumping tension I wished I could have finished in one sitting.Lyu s gorgeous, smart writing had me highlighting many passages on my kindle, her words so profound With its intensity, THE BEST LIES reminded me of Eileen Cook s WITH MALICE and Abigail Haas s DANGEROUS GIRLS I never knew the reliability of Remy as a narrator, whether her obsession would lead to tragedy or if Jack deserves his fate ...

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    If you ve ever wanted to know about the other side of obsessive friendship, this is the book you need One of my favourite tropes to read about in books is the sick, pining friendship, and I ve only really imagined it from the person who s pining The Best Lies takes this trope and twists it into something gruelingly real and dangerous, showing just how toxic some friendships can become.The book opens just after the murder of Remy s boyfriend, Jack, with her best friend soulmate Elise being the one who pulled the trigger Remy is, understandably, in an absolutely awful place as the book opens, but as the reader continues it turns out that a lot of Remy s life has been shaped by reactions to trauma It s what draws her to Elise in the first place both of them have been deeply hurt in their childhood, and it s why they can connect so well to each other I could really connect with Remy she s quieter and timid, with of a propensity to hide from her problems than enact revenge like Elise compels her to Like Remy, I m very mediocre compared to the rest of my family, and I can definitely see why Remy does what she does over the course of the book, because I would do them as well.Though Remy narrates the book, I d argue that Elise is definitely the true protagonist of The Best Lies so much of Remy s thoughts revolve around Elise From the moment they meet, Remy and Elis...

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    I have some conflicting feelings about this, so I think I ll sleep on this one before a full review Heavier topics at least deserve that before they re approached in a book review.

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    Wow, that was just all kinds of intense Full review to follow soon.

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    wellthat escalated quickly

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