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Changeling (The Oddmire #1) Magic Is Fading From The Wild Wood To Renew It, Goblins Must Perform An Ancient Ritual Involving The Rarest Of Their Kind A Newborn Changeling But When The Fateful Night Arrives To Trade A Human Baby For A Goblin One, Something Goes Terribly Wrong After Laying The Changeling In A Human Infant S Crib, The Goblin Kull Is Briefly Distracted From His Task By The Time He Turns Back, The Changeling Has Already Perfectly Mimicked The Human Child Too Perfectly Kull Cannot Tell Them Apart Not Knowing Which To Bring Back, He Leaves Both Babies BehindTinn And Cole Are Raised As Human Twins, Neither Knowing What Secrets May Be Buried Deep Inside One Of Them Then When They Are Twelve Years Old, A Mysterious Message Arrives, Calling The Brothers To Be Heroes And Protectors Of Magic The Boys Must Leave Behind Their Sleepy Town Of Endsborough And Risk Their Lives In The Wild Wood, Crossing The Perilous Oddmire Swamp And Journeying Through The Deep Dark To Reach The Goblin Horde And Discover Who They Truly Are

[Download] ➹ Changeling (The Oddmire #1)  ➾ William Ritter – Buyphenergan500.us
  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • Changeling (The Oddmire #1)
  • William Ritter
  • 15 August 2018
  • 9781616208394

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    I have such a weakness for faerie books and dark forests and just look at this It s here to give us both And it s written FOR THE CHILDREN I absolutely cannot wait till my nephew is old enough for this one because it was so good It managed to curl a sinister darkness into the most heartfelt and wholesome story of unconditional family love I didn t think it was too dark, but definitely had enough of a creepy vibe to snag those younger readers attentions who say they loooove to be scared So I wouldn t recommend for the very soft, smol children And the themes were just heartmeltingly lovely My favourite thing was how Tinn and Cole s mother knew one of them was a goblin, but she 100% loved and fought for them both It was such a loving hug to kids who might not have a traditional family, or be adopted, or not feel like they quite match their families that they deserve to be always always loved Also the amount of FIERCE MAMA BEARS quite literally in some cases was incredible.Plus Cole and Tinn were ridiculously adorable little monsters, getting into mischief while being super sweet The plot is a bit of a romp through a creepy wood, and the pacing was A I believe the book goes down in just a day and tbh I don t think the boys got enough snacks to get them through, but ya know More marmelade pies all round.I so enjoyed this adventure of dark forests, goblins, ferociously loving mothers, and boys who will quite steadfastly tumble in and out of trouble on every page.

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    Once upon a time, there was a child whom the goblins came to steal, and once upon a time, there was a child whom the goblins left behind I don t reach for middle grade fantasy terribly often because I tend to be picky, but when I do, I m looking for specific things a whimsical world I can escape in, a sense of humor that can make me smile or better yet, laugh out loud , and characters I can genuinely love and care for I cannot even begin to tell you how flawlessly William Ritter s Changeling checks every last one of those boxes for me We re in the Wild Wood, he whispered Uncharted territory It s not uncharted We re twenty feet from where we hang out every day, and I am literally holding a chart Don t ruin this These characters are so precious and laugh out loud funny, but their quest is one wrought with endless suspense because you can t help but love them and want them to succeed It s such a fascinating and pulling story from its barest bones, anyways, because from the very start, you know you re rooting for them despite the fact that their intended quest doesn t seem like it could possibly end in anything short of tears He could have been made of fire and she would not have let him go After all, this journey isn t just about changelings and goblin folk and magic than anything, Changeling is about family blood bound, or not and the lengths we will go to when we want to keep our loved ones safe The bond between Cole and Tinn is just as strong and sweet as any bond between human, blood linked siblings, and even so, Annie Burton s motherly love for them both and the way she refuses to choose one over the other it s downright precious Talk about the unsung hero of a story Stories are important They are born, they die, they re born again While the characters were my favorite part of the story, Changeling has going for it than that the writing is spare and lovely, crafting a three dimensional, beautifully fleshed out world full of whimsical characters and creatures, good and bad in a very short span of time This is undoubtedly going to be a hit with bookworms and reluctant readers alike, and I, for one, can t wait to recommend it and to eagerly pick up the second book when it releases All quotes come from an advance copy and may not match the final release Thank you so much to Algonquin Young Readers for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    That morning she had wanted nothing than a cup of tea, and now there were real goblins and sinister swamps and strange women who turned into bears and her boys were gone Changelings, goblins, creatures, fae That pretty much checks off everything that will sell a book instantly to me, so I was thrilled to get my hands on a copy of this ARC.I was interested pretty early on in The Changeling because it was by Young Adult author William Ritter You may recognize the name, he wrote the wonderful Jackaby series, so I had high hopes he could write a fantastical middle grade novel as well Though, where Jackaby was Historical Fiction and Supernatural, here the author dives fully into the fantasy realm and I couldn t be happier about it.We start off with a little sneaky goblin trying to save his kind by switching a changeling baby with a human baby it s a long story , but he completely bumbles it up and the the babies instantly look a like and he can t tell them apart for the life of him, so he just bolts and leaves without the human child much to the mother s surprise The mother keeps both babies, despite her husband seemingly leaving her over it and the towns people constantly whispering about her having a changeling baby The two boys, Tinn and Cole are fairly different One is impulsive and adventurous and one is cautious and anxious Despite their differences they are fiercely loyal to one and other and always with the other They are best friends and it s so nice to see their relationship They are aware of the stories about them, but they have no idea which one of them is the changeling.Eventually the goblin, Kull comes back for the Changeling and a hot mess of adventure ensues of course The adventure is so much fun There is a lot of banter and siblings working together We also have a young girl that is in the Oddmire that joins them i nthe adventure and she is quite the oddball character and I loved her to pieces We get quick sand, danger man eating vines, goblins and throw in a legendary witch, of course, for good measure and you ve for the first in this series.My favorite part of this story is the author includes the mother or mothers, I won t go into that though No, they aren t dead and they aren t horrible hags They are amazing, fierce, single mothers that love their children and will fight to the ends of the earth to protect them THANK YOU I m always wondering where the damn parents are, well this book show us They are completely involved, searching fighting helping their children and it was so refreshing to see I just loved it so much.I would highly recommend this book and especially to families with children It s such a healthy message showing the mothers as strong, independent and intelligent women It makes my heart so happy and I wish books would show single mothers in this light Way to go William Ritter, you did good

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    It s interesting to me that during the Victorian period, children s literature was very frequently far violent than literature for adults I m ignoring potboilers here While adult literature was full of manners, ladies and gentlemen, possibly a duel or two and let s not forget the casual racism, sexism, etc , children s literature was filled with dire preachments and warnings of just what happens to bad kids usually with graphic examples.I remember one book given to me for my daughter of six over thirty years ago The grandmother, who was born in the 1880s, passed on to me a book she said she remembered fondly, and that it was good for kids It was certainly a beautiful book, the cover embossed with ornate git lettering, and a two toned picture of a pair of kids in Victorian dress on the cover.I decided to read it first just for fun I read most things first before handing them off to my six year old, but I was sure there would be no unfortunate language in a Victorian children s book And certainly no sexual situations I was not ready to explain to a six year old who tended to be a close reader.Well In the very first chapter, the bad boy he s called a bad boy tortures kittens and puppies, and sets fire to a barn after stealing his father s tobacco to smoke, which fire burns the family s horses to death.That was chapter one I d been boggled that the grandmother said she remembered it fondly in the years we d visited I never once saw a book in her house, or saw her reading And with a steady diet of that in her background, who would blame her At any rate it did have pretty illustrations, I bet anything those are what she remembered but when I glanced through the rest there was far of the same, including a person of color as a nanny talking in cute dialect with massa and missus in every submissive sentence.I noped out of that one fast, and into the donation bag it went.So to the present There is so very much being published these days onecan identify any sort of trend one likes, but it seems to me that since the late seventies or so, while young adult and adult literature is ever violent, that for younger kids is much nicer Whether or not it s true, I think of it as the Sesame Street effect.Bringing me to The Oddmire, Book One Changeling, by William Ritter.Overall, I found this book to be such a heartwarming, fun book that I wish I could time travel to hand it off to my kids, one of whom was a very sensitive reader, and the other who was adopted, and tended to look for books with similar kids.The story begins with a hapless goblin reluctantly sent to swap a human baby for a changeling The magical explanation for why it must be and his reluctance to carry out his job might be confusing for kids it was for me, anyway but I don t think kids would really care The fun begins when the goblin is distracted by the sudden appearance of a cat while the goblin child finished his magical transformation, and when the goblin looks back, appalled, he sees two identical infants So he creeps away in defeat, determined to watch from a distance, and when the goblin surely asserts himself according to his goblin nature, he can finish the job.When the mother appears the next morning and finds two babies in the crib instead of one, she s quite boggled And so are the neighbors Everyone has to have an opinion, including the local religious leader Here I groaned, as religious leaders depicted in books of late all seem to have to be jerks if not outright villains but lo and behold, there is a general sense of puzzled good will along, of course, with dire warnings about the Wild Wood adjacent to the village.And so we make a jump twelve years The boys are inseparable, curious, and likely to get into mischief, but their mother adores them Their personalities are different, but likeable and fun And though Mom knows that one is a changeling, she doesn t care which.The boys receive a mysterious note from the goblin, and decide to go on an adventure and the tale kicks into high gear Along the way we meet magical people, and a companion for the boys, a girl named Fable, who is a terrific character She s a crack up, and surprising in a fun way What s , when Mom wakes up and finds her boys gone, she sets straight out to get them there is no way she s not going to protect them.The narrative voice begs to be read aloud It s full of vivid image and delicious wit The story is fast paced, exciting, with a strong sense of goodwill about it that I really enjoyed I would so very much have read this book aloud the years I was teaching grades two through five, though I probably would have finessed the word geld which I would not want to have to define for curious kids, and I did wish there was a little less emphasis on the boys pink skin The adjective could as easily have been human and it would have been a lot inclusive like the rest of the story.But those are small quibbles Overall, I think Ritter has come out with a winner, and I really look forward to the rest of the series I ve also noted this book for holiday shopping for certain young ones in the family.Copy provided by publisher.

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    i would sell what remains of my soul for this

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    Original Review William Ritter doing magical characters In middle grade Hello, 2019, you have been made Now if only Jackaby and a Yeti hat would pop in and life would forever be complete.Disclaimer I received this ARC courtesy of Algonquin Young Readers I am grateful for the opportunity to review an ARC for my readers, but this will not influence my final rating All opinions expressed in this review are my own and based solely on the book The moment I saw that William Ritter was writing a new book, I knew that I had to get it Ritter wrote the Jackaby series, and if you haven t read it yet, I totally recommend getting it on your TBR It s a quirky little series that brings together Sherlock, the supernatural world, and empowering females in a unique way that still gets me every time This book brings a bit of the Jackaby world together but instead focuses on middle grade, family, and Two boys Tinn and Cole who discover one of them is a changeling that was accidentally left at birth When they receive a note from the goblin who failed to steal the human boy, they discover that magic is dying in the woods, and they must go into the Wild Wood to save the forest and magic This book blends a fairytale feeling with adventure, coming of age stories, and What I loved the most about this story was that fairytale feeling The atmosphere was perfect I felt utterly immersed in the Wild Wood It was a creepy but still intriguing forest filled with unexpected turns at each bend of t he woods Ritter created a captivating world inside this book, and it honestly felt straight out of a Grimm s fairytale although far less creepy and people cutting off their toes hello, Cinderella It was even complete with morals that were great about learning to accept yourself, family love, there is a story behind every story, and The writing was good as well Ritter always has an easy breezy writing, and this book is no exception at all I sped through this book in about two or three sittings, and I probably could have done it quicker if I wasn t so tired each time I was picking it up Despite the complex world he created, it was always very easy to read.The pacing despite the ease of the writing perhaps went a bit slow at times I m not quite sure how to explain Everything went pretty fast, but I wasn t as invested in it I felt my investment dropping at times besides everything moving really fast and effectively What I also really loved in this novel was the aspect of family When Tinn and Cole find out that they re not blood brothers, it doesn t matter to them at all, and nothing changes Their mother fights so hard to get her boys back and throughout the story, she makes it plain and clear that it doesn t matter who the changeling is both are her boys The group in the forest really became a family as well, and I loved these dynamics.I also found a bit disconnected from the characters I enjoyed them all, and I did root for them, but I wasn t really in deep deep with them I think the story got so focused on the story so much that it kind of veered away from the depth of the characters as much as I wanted it to be I mean, they were great from the surface level, but I wanted much Overall, this is a fun, light middle grade novel that is perfect if you would like to dive deeper into if you re looking for a book about family, fairytales, and heart It has a few slight bumps with disconnection but overall, a solid, fun read.

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    Note One At just 95 pages in about a third of the way through I had to pop in here to say firmly Annie Burton might just be my favorite mom in MG fiction and my personal hero This is just a little snippet from when she comes face to face with the goblin who left a changeling in her house years ago and had to run away before he could steal the human baby he d come for, leaving two identical boys in her home Your changeling Annie rounded on him Yours They are my boys The changelin isn a Have you sung any lullabies in the past thirteen years she demanded Helped anyone with their homework Taught anyone how to tie their father s old bow ties with fumbling fingers so they could dress up for their first school dance Kill opened his mouth, and then tactfully closed it Mm hm My boys Note Two And now I m finished with the book, having devoured it all in one day and ohhh did I love this book It s so lovely and magical and funny and heartfelt, with really wonderful messages about what makes family I enjoyed every single moment, I m planning to read it to my 10 year old, and I can t wait to read the next book in this series

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    I want to thank NetGalley and Brittani at Algonquin for sending me this eARC for an honest review.When I was contacted about reading William Ritter s, one of my fave YA authors , new book series, I got super excited When I was asked if I would like to join the book tour, I jumped at the chance.Willam Ritter is the author of the Jackaby series, a paranormal detective with his assistant Abigail Rook So think of Sherlock, but for the supernatural.This book, Changeling or The Oddmire series is a middle grade series, about a goblin named Kull who really just wants to save the Wild Wood and the Goblin Horde The Wild Wood is losing it s magic and it s inhabitants are leaving The Witch of the Wood can only do so much and a dark power called the Thing, is eating everything in it s path Against Chief Nudd the king of the Goblins, Kull whisks the new changeling to the human side in order to steal a human baby However thirty seconds in the house Kull goofs and has to abandon both babies Now there are two boys in the crib when the mom Annie goes to check on her son.Thirteen years later the town is used to both boys The mom loves them both equally and Cole and Tinn are both as mischievous as any boy or goblin could be No one, not even Annie can tell which is which The time has come however for Kull to make right what he started thirteen years ago while the veil of both worlds are at its thinnest He leaves a note for the boys to find with a map showing where they should meet him If they do not the changeling will die and so will the magic of the woods.I found the boys love for each other sooo sweet I loved the creatures that the boys encountered on their journey Candlebeard and Fable I thought the Thing was nice and creepy and the fact that both moms in the story even though they were at odds, decided to join forces for the greater good.I read this story out loud to both my boys and they found it funny and entertaining We played a game on who they thought would end up being the real goblin child There were a few times I did get choked up with emotions when Annie was talking about her boys That is true mother devotion right there Risking it all to save her kids So so good.Again I want to thank Algonquin for allowing me to join the book tour I would have bought the book anyway because William Ritter is an auto buy author for me, but it was so much cooler to have been able to read it early.

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    There s something about Changelings that always piques my interest The idea of goblins swapping human infants for these creepy little terrors than can wreak havoc upon the parents, and sometimes leave them for dead, is utterly chilling.When I first read the synopsis of Changeling The Oddmire 1, I was immediately drawn to the idea of changelings in a middle grade setting I just want to clarify, don t understand middle grade horror because it is still equaling as chilling However, this is not your ordinary changeling story When Kull attempts is in the process of swapping infants, he is interrupted when Annie the mother hears his racket and immediately goes to the nursery when her newborn son is fastly asleep To her surprise, Annie is no longer a mother of one healthy boy She is now a mother to identical twin boys.As Tinn and Cole grow older, the townsfolk tend to keep their distance since they know that one of the boys is in fact a changeling The problem is that even the boys are unaware as to which one of them isn t entirely human One day, they receive a mysterious letter that claims that the changeling is to return to Wild Wood or face a most certain death, but the changeling is to go into the woods alone since it is a guaranteed death sentence for a human Since the boys don t know which one is the changeling and refuse to leave each other behind, they venture off into the dangerous Wild Wood where they encounter unlikely friends and plenty of foes.One of my favorite things about this book was how strong the sibling bond between Tinn and Cole was Even though both boys were aware that one was entirely human, that never affected how much they loved each other Each of the brothers secretly wished that he was the goblin instead of the other to save his brother from despair Additionally, I also enjoyed the bond between the boys and their mother Annie, whom they loved unconditionally and vice versa Even though Annie only gave birth to one son, she made it clear when she ran off in to Wild Wood to find her boys that both sons were in fact hers.Overall, this is a great story packed with adventure, magical beings, mystery, and most of all, love.Thank you to Algonquin Young Readers, Edelweiss, and NetGalley for the eARC This did not influence my review All opinions are my own.

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    This review was originally posted on my review blog Deanna Reads Books Changeling is the first book in William Ritter s new middle grade series Although, having finished the first book, I felt like the story is pretty complete so I m curious how the sequel will continue the story The book is a fantasy story steeped in folklore of the dark wood, goblins and fairies It s the classic changeling switcheroo story, but the Goblin making the switch messes up and the real boy and the changeling end up being raised together Let s give it up for Annie, because that mother was a fierce protector I loved that no matter what both boys were her boys This book deals a lot with a mother s love and the importance of family no matter what that might be I do feel like we don t get closure about her husband disappearing, but maybe we will get that in later books I couldn t guess which boy was the changeling, but you do find out which one it is in this book, so don t fear Once this happens it really gets to the interesting parts of the novel because we learn about what is happening to the forest and the two worlds colliding.The fantasy elements in this book were pretty cool I liked that the Goblins in this book felt really true to folklore about them The witch in the woods was a really cool element to it and I don t know want a Hinkypunk is but I thought they were neat too If you like fantasy woodland creatures this one has a lot of them and also a huge evil thing that is just called The thing I don t read a lot of Middle Grade, but I felt like this one read well enough for a kid But at the same time it has good elements of what it means to be a family that resonates with adults as well I received an eARC copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Many thanks to Algonquin Young Readers for sending me an eARC via Netgalley for my honest review Quotes are taken from an unfinished ARC and may not match final publication.

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