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Becoming Superman With An Introduction By Neil Gaiman In This Dazzling Memoir, The Acclaimed Writer Behind Babylon 5, Sense8, Clint Eastwood S Changeling And Marvel S Thor Reveals How The Power Of Creativity And Imagination Enabled Him To Overcome The Horrors Of His Youth And A Dysfunctional Family Haunted By Madness, Murder And A Terrible Secret.For Four Decades, J Michael Straczynski Has Been One Of The Most Successful Writers In Hollywood, One Of The Few To Forge Multiple Careers In Movies, Television And Comics Yet There S One Story He S Never Told Before His Own.Joe S Early Life Nearly Defies Belief Raised By Damaged Adults A Con Man Grandfather And A Manipulative Grandmother, A Violent, Drunken Father And A Mother Who Was Repeatedly Institutionalized Joe Grew Up In Abject Poverty, Living In Slums And Projects When Not On The Road, Crisscrossing The Country In His Father S Desperate Attempts To Escape The Consequences Of His Past To Survive His Abusive Environment Joe Found Refuge In His Beloved Comics And His Dreams, Immersing Himself In Imaginary Worlds Populated By Superheroes Whose Amazing Powers Allowed Them To Overcome Any Adversity The Deeper He Read, The He Came To Realize That He, Too, Had A Superpower The Ability To Tell Stories And Make Everything Come Out The Way He Wanted It But Even As He Found Success, He Could Not Escape A Dark And Shocking Secret That Hung Over His Family S Past, A Violent Truth That He Uncovered Over The Course Of Decades Involving Mass Murder.Straczynski S Personal History Has Always Been Shrouded In Mystery Becoming Superman Lays Bare The Facts Of His Life A Story Of Creation And Darkness, Hope And Success, A Larger Than Life Villain And A Little Boy Who Became The Hero Of His Own Life It Is Also A Compelling Behind The Scenes Look At Some Of The Most Successful TV Series And Movies Recognized Around The World.

[Ebook] ↠ Becoming Superman  Author J. Michael Straczynski – Buyphenergan500.us
  • ebook
  • 480 pages
  • Becoming Superman
  • J. Michael Straczynski
  • 15 November 2019
  • 9780062857859

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    When Joe Straczynski talks publicly about his difficult upbringing, it s easy to insert a generic, TV movie sort of rags to riches story Only in this book does he reveal, after most of the participants have died, the depths of the awfulness of his childhood and family It s almost certainly worse than you imagined.The magic of Becoming Superman, though, is that it s simultaneously horrifying and uplifting, and a great read It helps that not only is Straczynski an accomplished writer, but that this is the story he s been training to tell for his entire life It s funny, sad, infuriating, and inspiring often all at once.Beyond the horrific family secrets, there s also the story of how Straczynski built his career by ping ponging from school plays to local newspapers to animation to live action TV to comics to in a surprisingly dramatic moment feature films By the time he collects a million dollar check for a spec screenplay, you will be cheering because you ll see how far he s come from h...

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    If there is anything remarkable about my life, it is that I did not come out the other side a serial killer.When I review a book, I ll highlight passages I ll want to refer to after I complete it By the end of chapter two of J Michael Straczynski s autobiography Becoming Superman I had already highlighted an obscene amount of passages and notes expressing a mix of shock, incredulity, and an unhealthy amount of swearing Similar to Jeanette Walls The Glass Castle and Tara Westover s Educated, the first half of Joe s life depicts a child raised by let s call it unconventional means But the similarities end there Joe was raised by his parents and grandmother who were Polish immigrants and Nazi sympathizers His father Charles is the pure embodiment of evil, a truly sick a vile man whose atrocities are too long to list, and he plays a central role in the story of Joe s life Charles is one of the most despicable humans I ve had the displeasure of learning about, and he takes on the mantle of head villain of Joe s origin story For Joe to overcome this villain and unearth his family s various abhorrent secrets, he must rise above their absence of affection, their lack of morals, and their penchant for violence and abuse Joe must become Superman.The only thing shocking than the early half of Joe s life is what happens after Joe s story is o...

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    Full disclosure I won a free ARC of this book in a Goodreads giveaway And I m also a big fan of Straczynski s work I was first exposed to it in an issue of Teen Titans Spotlight, but I didn t really start to take notice of it until my wife and I started watching Babylon 5 around about season 3 or so Anyway, yes, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion I was going to like this You have been warned So This is an autobiography of J Michael Straczynski, who s written for movies, television, radio, comics, newspapers, and pretty much anything that will hold still long enough to be written on Unless you re very young or incredibly isolated, you ve almost certainly experienced something he s done Heard of it at the very least.He s certainly led an interesting life He survived childhood abuse and crushing poverty Honestly, there are many aspects of his childhood that made me cringe in horror While the events of his life shaped him into the person he is today a fine human being and a talented writer as far as I can discern from his work I still wouldn t wish some of them on my worst enemy It s incredible that he survived and didn t grow up to be a serial killer or an alcoholic or something Note I am...

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    Holy cow.The first 16 pages are unnerving the next 12 pages will curdle your blood And it doesn t stop Chapter after chapter, the evil, the depravity, of the author s family mainly his father beggars belief For plenty of people, this is all they need for a five star memoir My Horrific Childhood could be the title of any number of popular books.This one is different Yes, the author wants to lay bare the details of his family history, but it is only because he wants to speak the truth He tells his story in the most matter of fact way, sometimes with dry humor, completely lacking self pity or even pathos It doesn t need pathos because it is awash in horror but even the horror is not the point No, the point of this book is to tell us how and why Joe Straczynski became a successful writer Of course, part of his becoming a writer involved surviving his childhood And then surviving Hollywood The remarkable thing, of course, is that he survives with his integrity intact, hence the title Becoming Superman a title with many layers of significance in this many layered book.I especially appreciate Straczynski s style So many memoirs read like fiction, a quality I despise I distrust plot arcs in nonfiction I find it alienating Now, Straczynski does have a sense of dramatic tension, and to keep the story from flagging does dole out some facts slowly than others, but the overarching quality of h...

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    I first met Joe in 1984 when we both attended a talk by producer Dan Blatt about NBC s V series We were both fairly terrified at his pronouncement that SF could be anything, without being grounded in, you know, science We became friends and would run into one another at east and west coast conventions over the next few years before he blossomed into a prolific writer producer in TV.At one point, he expressed interest in comics which led me and or Marv Wolfman offering him an issue of Teen Titans Spotlight, followed by my offer of an issue of Star Trek.But I had no idea about his background so when NetGalley offered me a chance to read a galley of his autobiography I snatched it up Somehow I missed the bits and pieces of his past he has been publically discussing since his father died in 2011 so this was all revelatory to me They say an author is the sum of his experiences and let me tell you, this man has endured much which goes to explain why he s such an interesting writer regardless of medium He grew up on the move, relocating annually if not frequently, unable to form friendships or even excel in school His parents were dysfunctional, wth dad outright abusive to all around him The extended family also harbored secrets, which he doles out throughout the narrative The summation is horrifying and I pity Joe and his sisters for enduring all of this.He ...

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    This book is really good, an autobiography about someone whose work I knew, but not his personal history Straczynski digs deep into both, discussing everything from his work on some of my favorite TV shows, Real Ghostbusters, He Man, and his creation, Babylon 5 He details his comic book work, including writing the issue of Spider Man where the Marvel heroes and villains reacted to the Sept 11, 2001 terror attacks JMS gets to all that, but first, he discusses how he rose from poverty and survived a rotten childhood, and how he dealt with horrible family secrets that he didn t find out about until he was an adult ...

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    I received a copy of Becoming Superman from HarperCollins Publishers through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Wow, this book was exceptional The beginning was horrifying but somehow entrancing in a way that all survivor stories are.Joe Straczynski made a choice and by Gra...

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    My father was a monster As a fan who s seen J Michael Straczynski JMS at a number of appearances, I d heard those words and imagined the worst father I d ever known or heard of I couldn t have been wrong if I d been picturing Mr Rogers.Year by year, step by step, JMS describes every conscious decision he made, even while extremely young, that would form him into the man he wanted to be, not what seemed destined by family and society Leavened with snark and humor, the book is gripping and avoids the unrelenting grimness that it might otherwise have had.While the family secrets and the odds against JMS success are a major thread, never think that that s what the ...

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    From comic books to real life, this author engages the reader This book is a rarity the chance to get to know the life of a creative voice, the reality that exists behind authorship and invention.

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    Just an amazing book.

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