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Stargazing Moon Is Everything Christine Isn T She S Confident, Impulsive, Artistic And Though They Both Grew Up In The Same Chinese American Suburb, Moon Is Somehow Unlike Anyone Christine Has Ever KnownWhen Moon S Family Moves In Next Door To Christine S, Moon Goes From Unlikely Friend To Best Friend Maybe Even The Perfect Friend The Girls Share Their Favorite Music Videos, Paint Their Toenails When Christine S Strict Parents Aren T Around, And Make Plans To Enter The School Talent Show Together Moon Even Tells Christine Her Deepest Secret That She Sometimes Has Visions Of Celestial Beings Who Speak To Her From The Stars Who Reassure Her That Earth Isn T Where She Really BelongsBut When They Re Least Expecting It, Catastrophe Strikes After Relying On Moon For Everything, Can Christine Find It In Herself To Be The Friend Moon Needs New York Times Bestselling Author Illustrator Jen Wang Draws On Her Childhood To Paint A Deeply Personal Yet Wholly Relatable Friendship Story That S At Turns Joyful, Heart Wrenching, And Full Of Hope

!!> Read ➮ Stargazing  ➲ Author Jen Wang – Buyphenergan500.us
  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Stargazing
  • Jen Wang
  • English
  • 25 February 2017
  • 9781250183880

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    Jen Wang has such a way with storytelling that always manages to make me smile and laugh while still punching me in the heart with feels in a good way , and Stargazing followed that trend beautifully I absolutely adored this graphic novel Moon and Christine are both so precious, and they feel like real kids, you know The diversity represented is so sweet and the commentary on biracial and or Asian American kids feeling not Asian enough made my chest ache for friends who have told me they ve gone through similar things.On top of the story itself being so precious and offering up such a lovely story of friendship and overcoming insecurities and loneliness, there s also the art, which is iconic and stunning and sweet I adore how expressive the characters are and the color palette used Jen s style is one of my all time favorites.I can t add this to my library s order list fast enough and know that I m going to be recommending this book to anyone and everyone who will listen to me rave about it Thank you so much to the publisher for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    This was such a cute and innocent story I had already read The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang and loved it so going into this one I was expecting to also love it and I most certainly did This was such a unique story and I really loved it The artwork was stunning but I did read an ARC copy so it was in black and white instead of the finished copy which will be in colour I plan on getting a copy of the finished copy and rereading when it s in full colour There was a a lot of diversity in here too and I loved it I also loved how a lot of the story was something that had happened to the author themself That made me connect with the story I just loved it The only reason it s not a 5 for me is because I felt like I wanted a bit

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    ugh im EMO full review tc because i have a lot of feelings

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    This is a sweet, quiet, surprising book Considering that it just tops 200 pages, it packs a of punch, and of a twist ending, than I was expecting It starts with an orchestral performance at a church, in which Christine plays violin She tries hard to be everything her parents want academic, musical, and serious never painting her nails, taking Chinese language lessons and extra math after school Then Moon and her mother move into the granny unit behind their house Moon is a bundle of contradictions vegetarian, Buddhist, funny, loud, good at drawing, obsessed with K Pop, uncool but supremely confident She s less feminine than Christine but she wears nail polish, she watches youtube instead of studying but does well on her tests She and Christine quickly become best friends, and Moon talks her into signing up for the talent show together But when other people being to befriend Moon and hang out with her when Christine isn t available, she gets jealous and does something that might sabotage their friendship forever Will they be able to mend it And what about the visions Moon sometimes mentions, of celestial beings who say her real home isn t on planet Earth I picked up a black and white advanced reader copy of this book at BookExpo 2019 I can t wait to see what it will look like in full color, because the art is already wonderful While you wait, go pick up any of Jen Wang s earlier books In Real Life, Koko Be Good, or Eisner nominated The Prince and the Dressmaker because they are all amazing

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    Stargazing is one of those books that I would love to hand to every kid in the world And every adult, for that matter This charming story about friendship, feeling alone in the world and defining who we are is a wonder of nostalgia and something that feels so original I m a huge fan of Jen Wang and she did not disappoint One of my first reviews was another graphic novel by Jen Wang, The Prince and The Dressmaker, and I cannot recommend either of these books highly enough.There are so many good things to say about this book that I don t know where to start The characters are real and relatable, their problems and fears are important and I felt their falls and victories like they were mine Wang does an incredible job of bringing her own experiences and authenticity to Stargazing and it pays off in spades.I loved so many things about Stargazing Particularly, I loved the unique perspective that Moon brings to the story and the journey she undergoes Though not for the same reasons, I too felt that I didn t belong here as a child, that I was secretly from somewhere else and might one day go back there, where it all made sense and I fit I felt her loneliness at learning that she is a child of this earth the way that we all are I felt her loneliness at learning that some of us are always going to be looking upwards, looking for something fantastic, no matter how grown up we become.Christine, the other primary character in Stargazing, takes us on a different but just as valuable story, in trying to figure out how she s supposed to be From painting her nails, to the music she listens to, to her values and the friends she chooses, Christine is at an age where we all asked ourselves so many of these same questions Do I fit in Do I have to be who my parents community expectations tell me to be Do I like who I am Who do I want to be Her journey was so relatable, especially so for those living in a community like Christine s where she feels there is a right and rewarded way to be, like everyone else.I was so excited when I requested this ARC from Netgalley, and so lucky to have gotten my hands on it Jen Wang has impressed me again with this beautiful, sweet, whole hearted story of two new friends trying to find their way in the world Stargazing is about friendship, forgiveness, and feeling otherworldly, but its also a powerful story of growing up To anyone who has felt alone, that they don t belong, or that there might be something greater waiting for them, don t miss out on Stargazing You won t regret it.I received this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This one hits shelves on September 10, 2019 We can t change the past But we can learn from the way we hurt the ones we love, and try to do better.

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    A good realistic middle grade novel, when you re an adult, is one that can take you right back to being in that space and place there are other markers of good, too, of course I found myself getting a little teary about this story of friendship between two Chinese American girls who are from very different backgrounds one is solidly middle class and has parents who expect a lot from her, while the other is nearly homeless and who has a lenient mother When one does something mean to the other, as an act of jealousy, suddenly something scarier emerges and their entire friendship is called into question Beautiful art, as always, from Wang This one made me ache over how friendships are in those middle grade years and how tough it is to be yourself exactly as you are and understand that that s why people like you.

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    3.5 stars This new graphic novel from the author of Prince and the Dressmaker is so sweet and has a great message It s a story of friendship, cultural and religious identity, and belonging A quiet exploration of difference that nevertheless was touching and heartfelt I can feel how much this book will mean to young Asian American kids Own Voices stories are so important and do resonate author Jen Wang is Buddhist Asian American like one of the main characters in this novel Very subtly handles issues like prejudice and hierarchies within a culture who is Asian enough , what traits makes someone authentic.I didn t feel the same way about this as I did her previous title though Something about it was too simplistic and didn t go deep enough I would have loved a little about culture, religion, and self expression The ending came up too fast and out of left field Overall, such a heartwarming story that I know will please readers of Prince and the Dressmaker even if it isn t quite as good.

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    Wow, what an amazing, heartfelt book I can t wait to put this into the hands of my patrons, regardless of age Everyone should read this

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    I loved the Prince and the Dressmaker so I was very excited for Jen Wang s newest It was a bit of a departure from her last book, being autobiographical and set in the present day It was heartfelt and beautifully drawn I highly recommend it for fans of Smile, Camp and other middle grade graphic novels

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