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The Rise of KyoshiF C Yee S The Rise Of Kyoshi Delves Into The Story Of Kyoshi, The Earth Kingdom Born Avatar The Longest Living Avatar In This Beloved World S History, Kyoshi Established The Brave And Respected Kyoshi Warriors, But Also Founded The Secretive Dai Li, Which Led To The Corruption, Decline, And Fall Of Her Own Nation The First Of Two Novels Based On Kyoshi, The Rise Of Kyoshi Maps Her Journey From A Girl Of Humble Origins To The Merciless Pursuer Of Justice Who Is Still Feared And Admired Centuries After She Became The Avatar

[Epub] ➟ The Rise of Kyoshi Author F.C. Yee – Buyphenergan500.us
  • Hardcover
  • 442 pages
  • The Rise of Kyoshi
  • F.C. Yee
  • English
  • 02 May 2017
  • 9781419735042

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    ONE MILLION STARSThis was so so good, it develops Avatar lore further, it shows the incredible arc of Kyoshi s beginnings as Avatar and it is so different to Aang and Korra, I can t even She is so badass and her love story with her bff Rangi a female firebender and her bodyguard is SO CUTE OMG This is fucking dark too and full of personal loss I cried MULTIPLE TIMES but this is par for the course with Avatar stories obvs, I cried pretty much in all episodes of The Last Airbender so this carries on the mantle of the series REALLY WELL.It has tons of politics the Earth Kingdom is such a mess , SKY BISONS one called PengPeng who becomes her friend omg criessob , AIR NOMADS LOT OF THEM Kyoshi is HALF AIR NOMAD WHAT , CRIMINALS, REVENGE, DEATHS, Lots of amazing Earthbending feats BEST BENDING , the action sequences are out of this world, lots of mention at how bad an Avatar Kuruk was LOL, the way that Kyoshi becomes almost immortal is seeded here, also her METAL FANS MY DEAR LORD, there is also abuse and hunger in her childhood sobs and her being brought up by an Air Nomad surrogate dad who used to be BFFs with Avatar Kuruk , and romance and and and THAT CLIFFHANGERGIVE ME MORE.

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    If you think I m not going to scream in excitement until I have this in my handsyou are wrong.

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    Guess who s crying at 2 AM.

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    Then let it be so, she thought She would fight her ill fortune, her bad stars, and protect those who might despise her to the very end of her days. Kyoshi wasn t always that Avatar who all the people adored She was an ordinary servant once, not someone who was worth noticing When the position of the current Avatar are being questioned some eyes turn their attention to Kyoshi Credit to the talented creatorFrom what we ve seen of Kysohi on the Avatar the last Airbender show we have a very little information about the Earthbending Avatar who ended up creating the Dai Lai and who lived to be a 230 years old The oldest Avatar to have ever lived I have often asked myself how it was possible that Kyoshi achieved the things that she did, and what made her into what she was We are finally getting the answers now 11 years after Avatar the last Airbender has ended we are getting introduced to Kyoshi her whole story and it sure is something What insult have I given you Your existence, Kyoshi spat Kyoshi s life is anything but a picnic on the beach It wasn t that she was given anything on a silver platter or something She was left at a very young age by her parents and had to survive on her own for some time until Kelsang came into her life and provided for her Kyoshi knew what it was like to founder alone in the dark, grasping for edges that were too far away, without a mother or father to extend a hand and pull you to safety The pain of having no value to anyone, nothing to trade for food or warmth or a loving embrace Kyoshi A bisexual Earthbender Even as an Earthbender she isn t particularly skilled, and she is unaware of her true powers Is incredibly tall and was an orphan in her younger years Kelsang An Airbender Owns a bison called Pengpeng Raised Kyoshi as his own He d done all this, saved the life of a child stranger, for no reason other than that she needed someone In a part of the Earth Kingdom where love was reserved solely for blood relations, the monk from a foreign land was the dearest person in the world to Kyoshi Rangi She s one badass Firebender Is a personal guard to the Avatar Is in love with Kysohi.I just want to scream view spoiler Come on, she said Cheer up I didn t mean to send you into a spiral I can t cheer up I m in Horse Stance I like your focus, Ragni said But if you can withstand this She slid between Kysohi s arms and gave her a head tilting, knee buckling kiss, as powerful and deep as the ocean after a storm hide spoiler

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    29 3 19I AM LITERALLY SCREAMING YOU ALL Avatar literally meant the world to me as a child and I have always wanted to know about Kyoshi and her life, she was just such a freaking badass woman I can t wait You can find me onYoutube Instagram Twitter Tumblr Website

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    Originally published on The Nerd Daily Review by Jakob AndreasenFans of the critically acclaimed television show Avatar The Last Airbender will fall head over heels with The Rise of Kyoshi by F.C Yee Weaving the story of a much loved character, Avatar Kyoshi, Yee has conjured a unique perspective on an already well established world and takes what we know and love, from the source material, and adds new elements of interest.I should preface this review by saying that I am a fan of the source material myself and went into this story with high expectations While these expectations were met in some aspects of the story, overall I felt it may have hindered my experience and enjoyment Nonetheless, this story is a beautiful depiction of the origins of Avatar Kyoshi.Kyoshi has always been a compelling character for me Her storyline in the show being a stern and deductive Avatar, and extremely powerful and unyielding really captured my attention, so this was a treat to read The humble origins that are referenced in the blurb really are the most humble an Avatar could be as a servant to the incorrectly chosen Avatar The dynamic of that really intrigued me as both a reader and a fan of the show because, as fans, we know her true destiny Plus to see her in a position where her true identity was being overshadowed by an incorrectly chosen Avatar was quite interesting and it really commented on how people, mostly men, place boundaries on powerful women to put themselves in a position of power It felt similar to the narrative of Captain Marvel as we watch her grow and accept her destiny We see her become the Avatar we know, seeing her take on the position and responsibility of the Avatar, and seeing her trust and love others around her really hooked me into rooting for her character.The thing that has always interested me about the Avatar world is the impact, whether positive of negative, that each Avatar has on the next For example, Avatar Yangchen created an era of peace and subsequently Kuruk brought about an era of chaos As Kyoshi grows into her destiny, she develops a contrasting temperament to Kuruk much like the element of Earth, she becomes stern and unyielding Her character development throughout the novel really does stand out as a highlight.As mentioned earlier, the world is in chaos since Avatar Kuruk has died at a young age younger than anyone could ve expected The rush to find the next Avatar really adds to the atmosphere of the story and to the complexity of the antagonist, which I found quite gripping because the world was without an Avatar for a longer period of time than the norm This opened up new opportunities for there to be a innovative sense of world building including the introduction of outlaws, the introduction of new groups that used an Avatarless world to plague on the weak, and the introduction of powerful people to take advantage of their positions But, while this gave opportunity for this dynamic, it saturated the story I think the author tried to create a three part narrative, to almost structure the story in a way, but it felt overwhelming to the point that it did hinder the development, and sometimes even the relevance of aspects within the novel.It does take an incredible amount of creativity to dive deeper in the workings of a world, and Yee has done so by enveloping the story with nuances of political corruption and the seductive nature of power While this conversation was evident throughout the story, the execution could have been stronger and streamlined I think that the intentions were there, and that there were several successful attempts at this, but it did become muddled as the story developed This would also come down to the pacing of the story I don t want to compare this novel with Avatar The Last Airbender, but the show naturally gave plenty of room for a natural progression of the themes and topics being discussed friendship, war, power, etc Also, the fact that this story takes a character from an already established and loved world, means that the story will flock lovers of that world I feel that perhaps outsiders may find it a tad difficult at first, but as everything progresses, it becomes much easier to grasp.On another note, when an author gives the perspective of the antagonist to their readers, it should give a deeper insight into the motivations of the antagonist as a way for us readers to empathise with them While I enjoyed reading the antagonist s chapters for the dialogue and action it gave, they could ve been omitted or merged with chapters that involved Kyoshi, even being added the final dialogue at the climax of the story.Overall, I quite enjoyed this story Getting to know the origins of such an iconic character was quite a journey Diving into the past of Avatar Kyoshi has definitely allowed my love of her to grow Also, getting to understand her need to be the strong figure we know in the show was no doubt a treat I believe, knowing now the secret of her character and the real origins of her story, has given me the opportunity to grow as a fan.

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    HOLY YES I haven t even seen ATLA yet for shame and I already know that F.C Yee is the perfect author for this.Also, not only are we getting this next year but also The Iron Will of Genie Lo WHAT A GIFT

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    I would go on a three year journey to regain my honor for this book

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    john mulaney voice THAT S MY WIFE

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    this is the best news i got all year pals

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