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Dandelion Girl Celia Lindberg can t wait for her exchange year in Sweden Eager for a cultural adventure and the chance to reclaim her roots, she moves from Seattle to her Swedish father s birth town But arriving in Bj rkby, everything changes when she finds a photo of a girl who bears a stunning resemblance to herself captioned dandelion child Alarmed by the photo, she searches into its history and discovers that her family s past isn t what she thought Treading deeper, she tumbles into a twisting world of dark secrets surrounding the girl s disappearance nearly 30 years ago Meanwhile, she meets a beautiful young Swede and falls in love for the first time Yet the budding romance brings its own trials as Celia is forced to confront a part of her identity that she has always kept hidden What s , her life is about to take a dangerous new turn, because someone in Bj rkby knows what really happened to the dandelion girl and now they have their eyes on Celia. Free Read Kindle ePUB Dandelion Girl Author Isa Hansen –

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