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Family of Origin When Nolan Grey Receives News That His Father, A Once Prominent Biologist, Has Drowned Off Leap S Island, He Calls On Elsa, His Estranged, Older Half Sister, To Help Pick Up The Pieces This, Despite The Fact That It Was He And Elsa Who Broke The Family In The First Place The Greys Have Been Avoiding Each Other For A Dozen Years Elsa And Nolan Travel To Their Father S Field Station, A Wild And Isolated Spot Off The Gulf Coast Here, Their Father S Fatalistic Colleagues, The Reversalists, Obsessively Study The Undowny Bufflehead, A Rare Sea Duck Whose Loss Of Waterproof Feathers Proves, They Say, That Evolution Is Running In Reverse And Humanity S Best Days Are Behind Us On An Island That Is Always Looking Backward, It S Impossible For The Siblings To Ignore Their Past Stuck Together In The Close Quarters Of Their Island Stilt House, And Provoked By The Absurd Antics Of The Remaining Reversalists, Years Of Family Secrecy And Blame Between Elsa And Nolan Threaten To Ruin Them All Over Again As The Greys Urgently Trek The Island To Find The So Called Paradise Duck, Their Father S Final Obsession, They Begin To Fear That They Were Their Father S First Evidence That The Future Held No Hope In The Irreverent And Exuberant Spirit Of Kevin Wilson, Alissa Nutting, And Karen Russell, CJ Hauser Speaks To A Generation S Uncertainties Is It Possible To Live In Our Broken World With Both Scientific Pragmatism And Hope What Does One Generation Owe Another How Do We Know Which Parts Of The Past, And Ourselves, To Jettison And Which To Keep Delightfully Funny, Fiercely Original, High Spirited And Warm, Family Of Origin Grapples With Questions Of Nature And Nurture, Evolution And Mating, Intimacy And Betrayal, Progress And Forgiveness

!!> EPUB ❂ Family of Origin  ✽ Author C.J. Hauser – Buyphenergan500.us
  • Hardcover
  • 287 pages
  • Family of Origin
  • C.J. Hauser
  • 08 September 2017
  • 9780385544627

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    Half siblings Nolan and Elsa go to the Gulf coast island where their father died, and where lives a group of scientists who believe evolution is going backward And that s just the set up What follows is a perfectly, wondrously weird novel that never misses an emotional beat, one that handles its big ideas and there are many evolution, family, millennials so intimately and organically This novel will surprise you, move you, make you consider how different generations might live alongside each other, and what it takes to grow up, in our time, or any time.

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    A funny and emotionally rich story of family, healing, and secrets Compassionate A good warm read.Thank you to C.J Hauser, Doubleday and Goodreads I received this book in a Goodreads Giveaway and this is my honest review.

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    via my blog Elsa and Nolan Grey might have been happier if they could be forgetful, or dead, but they were not The Greys remembered everything They were fondlers of old grudges and conjurers of childhood Band Aid smells They were rescripters of ancient fights and relitigators of the past The were scab pickers and dead horse beaters and wallowers of the first order Could it really be Could evolution be going in reverse A group of scientists, researchers and naturalists known as the Reversalists on the Gulf Coast believe it is so Studying a rare species of duck, the Undowny Bufflehead, having discovered its feathers are not waterproof serves as a sign that evolution has reversed it s course Subsequent to their father s death by drowning, the Grey siblings join one another at Watch Landing on Leap Island to make sense of it all With the knowledge that their father Dr Ian Grey retreated to the island under the umbrella of shame for entertaining such an outlandish theory based on a ridiculous duck of all things, Elsa is filled with fury Surely he didn t believe such a crackpot theory, not a man as intelligent as her father There is no love lost between the siblings, in Elsa s eyes Nolan is needy and weak, despite looking so much like their father and having spent years sucking up their father s time he certainly didn t inherit the old man s genius When her father left he started his new family with Nolan s mother Keiko, a microbiome researcher The real wound for Elsa was in all her father s disappearances, the first costing her the joys of life at the farmhouse her mother Ingrid a nurse , she and Dr Grey lived at Nolan, forever the usurper of her former life, of course as a child she hated him Nolan s feelings for Elsa are tangled up, having an effect on every relationship and choice in his life Elsa, always taking up space than she deserved in his mind and heart There is a fault line beneath them created by actions in their past, something Elsa does her utmost best to avoid.Family of origin is often defined as the people who care for you, your siblings, people you grow up with and certainly a fitting title as Elsa and Nolan suffer the miseries created by their own Mostly blame for their dysfunctional upbringing to be laid at their father s feet, cold from his watery grave Who swims in a storm Was it an accident or something worse Nolan and Elsa are equally shocked to know that Ian s fellow islanders took his work seriously The two certainly feel that coming here could have been just another escape from them, could the duck and their father s belief in reversalism really just be about his own children, their lack of evolution as competent successful offspring Elsa struggles in her own day to day, teaching children, with a terrible lapse in judgement just before Nolan s call about their father Not dealing well with people in general, living life in a numbed state, just floating along She longs for escape that would put a vast distance between her and others, much further than Dr Ian and his little island could have hoped to be Meeting Esther Stein who holds a PhD in ecology, her disdain for the youth is obvious, with all their allergies and inability to venture into the very environment they live in It s hard to deny all the young adults and children are changing as much as the ducks People are no longer adapting Just look around, you ll see it too The Millennials are ruining the species, coddled, weak and if their dad believed that to be true as much as Esther, than he didn t believe in his own children, right That stupid duck is a representation of their own failure.This story is about confronting the past, and the real mystery is between Nolan and Elsa than their father s death Elsa can run off to another planet but isn t going to erase what s between them There are secrets to uncover but does knowing change their personal history, the weight they have carried because of it What happens when the object of your anger is gone, or the person you resented is victim than the villain of the story you thought was set in stone One thing is certain, Elsa and Nolan are far curious a study than the rare species of duck It doesn t take a fictional story to nudge us in the direction that we humans often seem to be hopeless creatures, destroying our environment and much of the novel seems hopeless in that aspect Worse, we tend not to evolve in our personal surroundings too, as evidenced by the Grey siblings We carry the wrong stories, and poison our own well so to speak and of course we can blame our family of origin for that, at least Elsa and Nolan can How are we to understand the natural world when we live with so much subterfuge coming at us from all directions Nolan and Elsa are forced to face their own hopelessness, and maybe change direction because it s not really about the duck.Publication Date July 16, 2019Doubleday Book

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    How could you NOT love a novel in which you find this sentence The past is no reason not to have sandwiches.Am I right Family of Origin, by CJ Hauser, is about love and its evolution and extinction, its adaptation to its environment and the challenges with which it is faced.Elsa Grey, and her younger and estranged brother, Nolan, travel to Leap s Island, an isolated community of mostly disgraced or discredited scientists who are dedicating themselves to the study of a particular duck the undowny bufflehead which seems to be experiencing reverse evolution, a regression they posit is a harbinger for the entire planet earth, in particular, the human race Elsa and Nolan s father was one of those scientists, but he has drowned, and the siblings travel to the island to retrieve his belongings.But, Nolan has other quests to do with the Greys fractured family past as agenda, while Elsa wishes, at first, to avoid and deny that same history, to get on with and over with the island chore and return to her obsession escaping her teaching career and being among the first one hundred people to colonize Mars, a position for which she needs soon to travel abroad for the next set of interviews.The novel starts with the Greys meeting on Watch Landing, from which they ll take the once weekly boat to Leap s Island Then we go back twenty five years to their first meeting as children, step siblings, when Elsa left Nolan in an abandoned well We re then back on the island, in the present Then one week back in San Francisco with Nolan and his girlfriend Then the island, present Then one week back with Elsa and her current life Then the island Then you get the picture It feels as if an awful lot of novels of late are written with this back and forth structure, and it often feels as if an editor has said to the author, Hmmm, your story lacks a compelling sense of propulsion, no tension how about you rearrange the timeline, start with the near ending, and jump all over in time, eking out bits of the backstory However, in Family of Origin, the concatenation of details from the family s histories works perfectly It feels organic and just exactly right for this story in which both Elsa and Nolan, in their week on the island and shortly thereafter, also deal piece by piece with histories they may have re written, misunderstood, forgotten, made huge unto crippling The leaps are handled by CJ Hauser with great aplomb and skill.Also handled with much grace, the lack of quotation marks Dear god, people what is this no quotation marks trend happening Perhaps likely, even I am too simple a mind to grasp the artistic literary fictive purpose of dropping quotation marks after centuries of them being put to perfectly good use in writing to clarify what the heck is going on and who s talking about it Can someone brainier let me know why this absence of speech indicators seems to be happening with increasing frequency I know, I m always carping about something a while back it was the INCESSANT use of forms of the word THRUM in EVERY SINGLE DAMN THING I READ.Don t get me wrong, it didn t bother me in this novel CJ Hauser has skills But, in many most cases, I think it muddies the waters, and I am always suspicious when a novelist deviates from straightforward novel ing that they or their editor hasn t faith enough in the story itself, and so resort to gimmickry Not the case here Let me say again, CJ Hauser has mad skills as writer and story teller.A few examples of sentences or paragraphs that GOT me This paragraph on the first page, before we ve actually met Elsa and Nolan They were fondlers of old grudges and conjurers of childhood Band Aid smells They were rescripters of ancient fights and relitigators of the past They were scab pickers and dead horse beaters and wallowers of the first order.Now THAT is a paragraph that tells you nearly everything you need to know about what kind of family the Greys are, yes And, maybe for you, as for me, rings uncomfortably close to how one s own family is And for whom doesn t this next one ring true Again, Nolan wished there was some adult adult whose job this could be.That s gorgeous And the coining of adult adult sort of glorious And this, when Elsa s lover removes her hand from his crotch, and holds it instead Holding hands instead That s what things were like with Dylan He understood that sometimes when Elsa thought she wanted sex, what she really wanted was something else much smaller He knew that she was afraid to ask for small things like this because the need in them did not seem big enough to draw attention That she was afraid her small needs would go unnoticed, and so she made plays at bigger ones instead.Read it out loud just the rhythm of the words, the way in which the paragraph starts with those three words Holding hands instead Bravely wrought as a complete sentence, a sentence the follow up to which could go almost anywhere, but, in fact, in another short burst, no judgment the holding hands instead isn t good or bad it just is how things are with Dylan, who, it is clear, knows Elsa better than she knows herself And how appropriate to the character, Elsa s mind, Elsa s heart, that so many of these sentences are actually fragments Not whole Thought pieces Much left to interpretation.It is a beautiful thing when an author tells the reader about a character not just through description and action, but, too, with the shape of the sentences, the syntax and forms used to give us the heart and essence of the character.Here s another about Elsa which moved me to tears Elsa is thinking about how she and her mother are the only people left who know Nolan intimately, closely NOTE My mother died recently, and I have been struggling with who I am without her, who I am without the someone who knew me closest, from the moment I was born So, fair to tell you that The intimacy came with a responsibility, and as she considered this, she felt as if she d lost a game of hot potato Because being there for Nolan was not her job It couldn t be After all, she d been redacted from Nolan s history a long time ago Elsa s whole life, she felt, was a series of events in which she d been redacted from the lives of people she d been tricked into loving Kicked out of stories she d been stupid enough to think were her own.If paragraphs were plays in a theatre, I d be on my feet, cheering and weeping for that one First of all, close third is tricky sometimes the omniscient narrator can be overbearing and too informed In this case though, CJ Hauser s careful placement of qualifiers as she considered this, and, she felt as if, and she felt which let us know these are Elsa s opinions, we are inside her psyche, and her feelings and considerations are not necessarily the truth of her life, but, rather, the symptoms of her sorrow The word choices redacted, tricked, kicked with their percussive k sounds and placement make the paragraph near poetry Its sounds convey the harsh hurt heart that beats in Elsa.Like I said, skills Mad writing skills.I read Family of Origin very quickly When interrupted, I was annoyed, and couldn t wait to get back to it And while the characters are not in most cases seemingly sympathetic, somehow CJ Hauser manages to evoke in the reader a sense of connection and recognition Ahhh, they re fallible humans, like me.This is a moving, emotionally loaded journey which can be read as a brother sister parent story, on its surface, but is about so much , and so relevant now, being about a world in which evolving and moving forward may seem to require destroying the past, and where growth may seem, at first, to be destruction, and where evolution and devolution are often simultaneous and their outcome dependent upon one s reaction to them.Loved it Great read Thought provoking Well edited and proof read what a relief, because lately, argh And a HIGH recommend.SPOILER DO NOT READ FURTHER IF PLOT SURPRISES ARE IMPORTANT TO YOUCaveat I cannot help but wonder if the genders of Elsa and Nolan had been reversed, and an older brother just turned 20 had done to a younger sister 14 what this older sister did to a younger brother, if it would have read as sympathetically as it did

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    What if everything wasn t okay and the father that abandoned both his children wasn t the cause, but just was Half siblings Nolan and Elsa feel forgotten by their father Whether this was on purpose or by accident is not clear What is clear is that he s dead and they re tired of not knowing and the key seems to be the remote island Reversalist compound where their father spent his last days Hauser s storytelling is brittle and beautiful When your heart is broken, it s hard to not blame the biggest missing person in your life FAMILY OF ORIGIN is the story of a quest for answers that will cause you to examine your own provenance.

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    Because it meant that she could stop staring over her shoulder at everything that had come before, searching for the day that came before the pain There was no place further back to go To find any kind of happiness, Elsa would have to turn around Okay So, this book reminded me of Tell the Wolves I m Home Not that the plots are that similar view spoiler although both did have family members in love with each other hide spoiler

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    What does it actually mean to be family Is it nature Is it nurture And what dynamics shape us as a family and define us as a unit CJ Hauser s Family of Origin builds the story of the Grey family that no one but Nolan and Elsa want and absolutely need to talk about Fierce, funny, and real, Family of Origin is a story of a family that grapples with what it means to progress through tragedy and forgiveness This story speaks to the reader in the most honest and real way that a book of this caliber can.

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    I loved this It made me think and left me wanting There are so many stories contained within this book that could ve been their own novel.

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    Really enjoyed this Funny Anne Tyler esque family novel Loved the scientific and apocalyptic themes Good airplane read.

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    Marvelous book about an estranged brother and sister who travel together to an island of odd scientists who feel that they ve discovered the reverse of evolution with a non waterproof species of duck The siblings are going to the island because after living there for the past two years, their father has been found to have drown A really rich story of all the joy, anger, recrimination that one family holds in the open and in secret.

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