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Thin Ice (Alaska Wild Mysteries #1) First In A New Series Set In Alaska From Beloved Author Paige Shelton, Thin Ice Will Chill Your Bones Beth Rivers Is On The Run She S Doing The Only Thing She Could Think Of To Keep Herself Safe Known To The World As Thriller Author Elizabeth Fairchild, She Had Become The Subject Of A Fanatic S Obsession After Being Held In A Van For Three Days By Her Kidnapper, Levi Brooks, Beth Managed To Escape, And Until He Is Captured, She S Got To Get Away Cold And Remote, Alaska Seems Tailor Made For Her To HideoutBeth S New Home In Alaska Is Sparsely Populated With People Who All Seem To Be Running Or Hiding From Something, And Though She Accidentally Booked A Room At A Halfway House, She Feels Safer Than She S Felt Since Levi Took Her That Is, Until She S Told About A Local Death That S A Suspected Murder Could The Death Of Linda Rafferty Have Anything To Do With Her Horror At The Hands Of Levi Brooks As Beth Navigates Her Way Through The Wilds Of Her New Home, Her Memories Of Her Time In The Van Are Coming Back, Replaying The Terror And The Fear And Threatening To Keep Her From Healing, From Reclaiming Her Old Life Again Can She Get Back To Normal, Will She Ever Truly Feel Safe, And Can She Help Solve The Local Mystery, If Only So She Doesn T Have To Think About Her Own

[Epub] ↠ Thin Ice (Alaska Wild Mysteries #1)  Author Paige Shelton – Buyphenergan500.us
  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • Thin Ice (Alaska Wild Mysteries #1)
  • Paige Shelton
  • 01 July 2017
  • 9781250295217

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    Thin Ice by Paige Shelton is a well written suspense novel The story is set in Alaska and centers around Beth Rivers, a successful thriller writer She was kidnapped by a fanatic fan, escaped from him, but sustained a brain injury and she cannot remember what he looks like While the police are still looking for him, she decides to recover and hide in Alaska until he is captured While there she gets involved in an investigation of the death of one of the small town s inhabitants.This is a suspenseful and riveting story that hooked me with the first paragraph and kept me interested throughout From the small town residents to the descriptions of Alaska to the various mysteries, I thoroughly enjoyed the story.Beth s character was well developed for a first novel in a series as well as those of several of the town s residents Secrets are numerous and add to the enjoyment of the book.Overall, it was a solid mystery that was engaging, suspenseful, fast paced and compulsively readable While it does leave one major plot point unresolved, all other items were resolved This is the first book in the Alaska Wild series and I look forward to reading the next one Many thanks to St Martin s Press and Paige Shelton for a digital ARC of this novel via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review Opinions are mine alone and are not biased in any way.

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    Thin Ice by Paige Shelton is a totally new direction for Ms Shelton I have enjoyed several of her cozy mystery series so I was intrigued to read this suspense story I am so glad that I did because I was pulled into the story from the first page.Ms Shelton s descriptive writing made me feel like I was with Beth Rivers throughout the story Benedict, AK became so real to me as I read that I felt like I could find it on a map of Alaska Beth s character is well developed in this book and several of the secondary characters are developing into real people for me I love that many of the town s residents have their own secret reasons for moving to Benedict In spite of the reason why Beth chose Benedict to hide in, she is becoming an integral part of the town A quickly paced plot with suspense made this a book that I didn t want to put down Although Beth s main reason for being in Alaska is not resolved, the secondary mystery is complete by the end of the book I am definitely going to be watching for the next one in this series.I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book from Minotaur Books via NetGalley All of the above opinions are my own.

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    I really enjoyed this one A little bit of mystery set in the wilds of Alaska made for a new twist on this type of book I m hoping for in this series very soon

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    Thin Ice by Paige Shelton is a strong start to a new series, Alaska Wild Mysteries and has every element I look for in a good mystery book Beth Rivers is well known author, Elizabeth Fairchild, who is now running for her life after a deranged fan kidnapped her and was never found Levi Brooks held Beth captive for three days until she manages to fling herself from her captors moving van, causing a serious head injury Levi is still at large and Beth decides to leave the hospital for the wilds of Alaska, in hopes that he won t be able to find her there Arriving by tiny plane in Benedict, Alaska, Beth starts to have flashbacks and memories of her capture the trauma and details that she couldn t quite recall before her abduction are now starting to come back to her She s barely holding on by a string and she s all alone in a strange and remote town, with nothing but a few changes of clothes and her beloved antique Olympia typewriter Beth soon finds out that the Benedict House, the grand ish hotel she thought she was staying at is, in fact, a half way house for non violent, yet felonious women When a murder occurs just before her arrival, Beth loses her short lived sense of safety, wondering if her troubles may have followed her to Benedict I loved reading about the Alaskan setting of Thin Ice from the town moose, Gladys, to the absolute remoteness and harshness of the area The main characters had so much depth and personality I look forward to seeing them again in her next book Beth is a wonderful protagonist she is smart, witty, and courageous, even though she doesn t think so The plot moves quickly, had some great twists but it does leave a bit of a cliff hanger I m actually ok with this because this is a series I m going to read until the end and I feel like the cliff hanger is one of necessity Until the next book in the series A big thank you to NetGalley, St Martin s Press, and Minotaur Books for allowing me to read and review this title.

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    A famous crime novelist is kidnapped, and tortured by a stalker She manages to escape after 3 days but suffered a severe brain injury and is left with only a few flashback memories of her captivity, no memory of what he looks like and only what she thinks is his name She decides the only way to survive is to disappear until he is found Luckily she writes under a pseudonym and very few people know her real name so she changes her appearance and using her real name of Beth Rivers she chooses what she thinks will be the perfect place to hide Benedict, Alaska is a very small town of only 500 on an island reachable only by Ferry or plane so Beth should be safe there However, she is totally unprepared for the harsh wildness of Alaska or the fact that Benedict is the home to lots of other quirky characters most of who are also there to hide from something or someone The description of the surroundings and life in the wilds of Alaska as well as a town full of characters that are not all who they claim to be will keep the reader just as much on edge as Beth is One death gets solved but the ending leaves lots and lots to be explored in future books, and I can t wait.

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    Dollycas s ThoughtsBeth Rivers is a successful thriller author using the pseudonym of Elizabeth Fairchild She has many fans but one fanatic took things way too far Kidnapped and held in a van for 3 days, she manages to escape as the van was going down the road Recovering in the hospital from her injuries her captor is still on the loose and she knows she is not safe With a little help, she unexpectedly leaves the hospital to go to an undisclosed location.Beth soon touches down in Benedict, Alaska with only her typewriter and a backpack full of paper and clothes She has booked a room at the Benedict House, not knowing it is a halfway house for women who committed non violent crimes With lodging options at a minimum, she sets that aside because she feels safe, or at least safer than she felt before That is until she learns a woman was killed shortly before she arrived Could the death be connected to her Had she been found already The police chief was contacted by the detective overseeing Beth s case and he has vowed to keep her safe She has come up with a cover story to explain her injuries and reasons for her travel for the rest of the town She continues to have memories of those three days making it hard to move on but after learning about her the police chief consents to let her help with his current case and even finds her a job to pass her time She may never get back to normal but for the moment she is safe.____Paige Shelton gives readers a cozy ish protagonist but she turns up the suspense as she deals with her kidnapper on the loose and her escape to Alaska Beth s injuries were serious, her head is scarred and she has a brain injury She finds herself enmeshed in Benedict, getting used to the weather, getting to know the people and finding a killer She is also striving to remember anything that would bring her kidnapper to justice The severe headaches, mini seizures, and flashbacks really resonated with me I also identified with her funky haircut After my accident in 2001, I dealt with the same, thankfully no kidnapper was involved.All the characters within this story have layers and I believe we have just started to peel them away Benedict seems to be a place where everyone has come to escape from something and we really don t find out too much about any of them except for the deceased and people directly connected to her That means the author has plenty of material for this series going forward.I really enjoyed the way Ms Shelton described her settings From the airplane and the images out the windows, the airport, the town, Benedict house, the forests, everywhere Beth traveled was brought to life and easily imagined Readers are taken to the wilds of Alaska and yes, there is wildlife too.The plot weaves Beth s trauma together with the death in Alaska but only one is wrapped up by the final page I really enjoyed the author s approach to the entire story The pace was quick and there were several happenings that could have turned the situations in different directions You could feel that Beth was on edge the entire time.I read this book incredibly fast and I want I was a little disappointed that both mysteries were not completed because I hate waiting for the other shoe to drop and I imagine and hope there are going to be many suspenseful moments ahead before that other mystery will be wrapped up I can t wait This book will be released on December 3rd and I highly recommend you pre order your copy I am very excited for this series to continue.

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    THIN ICE by Paige Shelton, the first book in the new Alaska Wild Mystery series, grabs the reader from the very first sentence and continues with suspense that had me on the edge of my seat for the entire read The multi plots kept the action going and I didn t want to put it down until I read the very last page Even then, I wanted the story to continue As each of the characters are introduced, especially protagonist Beth Rivers, aka novelist Elizabeth Fairchild, the reader is treated to layers of reveal This amps the suspense up as we slowly find out what each multi faceted person is hiding Ms Shelton does an outstanding job developing the characters and having them adapt as the situation calls for Beth, recovering from a severe head injury sustained while she escaped from a horrific kidnapping, has blocks of memory missing Her captor has disappeared, and in fear of her life, Beth flees to Middle of Nowhere, Alaska, using her research as a thriller writer to escape her tormentor while remaining incognito.The author captures the setting of the Alaska wilderness in an effective way The reader feels the remoteness and can envision the brutality of nature, along with the stunning beauty The wildlife is plentiful and often fierce, and Beth must learn to adapt to her new surroundings in order to survive In addition to the suspenseful mystery surrounding Beth s kidnapping, she finds herself embroiled in the middle of an investigation surrounding a suspicious death Although it s been deemed a suicide, not one of the townspeople believe it With her past experience working with her grandfather, who had been a small town police chief, Beth pieces together the puzzle of the death With a heart pounding reveal that solves the murder mystery, the story comes to an end and leaves me waiting impatiently for the next book in this series I was provided an advance copy via Netgalley All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    I have been on a real mystery kick lately and when I saw this one was available on NetGalley and was my one of my favorite cozy authors, I just knew I had to give it a chance And boy, was I NOT disappointed Grittier than her cozies with a much stronger story line and much adult language , this was a very good read from page 1 Beth is an intriguing protagonist and you are invested in both her AND her story from the second you meet you And the beauty and ruggedness of Alaska just adds to the fantasticness why yes, I DID just make up that word of this book I just finished it and I already want a second one it was just that good If you like really good, somewhat gritty, mysteries, and language doesn t bother you, then this is the book for you Well done Ms Shelton Well Done Thank you to NetGalley and Minotaur Books St Martin Press for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    A thriller writer escaping to the wilds of Alaska to recover from a horrific eventWhy yes that sounds exactly like a book I would like to read Thank you Netgalley and St Martin s Press for letting me step in to Beth Rivers Elizabeth Fairchild world and experience this first adventure of the seriesThin Ice is told from the viewpoint of Beth As the book opens up we are introduced to the town of Benjamin, Alaska and its current resident, while slowly learning about what has driven her to this remote part of the country The beauty, for me, of this book was not only the mystery that Beth is trying to hide away from but also the one she stumbles intoSpeaking of Beth, I really came to like her and am already looking forward to what she will venture into next I also found the people of a Benjamin an interesting group and hope they continue to be featured in future books particularly Gril and Viola But the very best part of this book was the setting Alaska absolutely fascinates me and I loved reading about life their, even when it is supposed to be the warm season..Interesting mysteries, well developed characters, and a beautiful setting made this a great start to the first book of a new series

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    After being kidnapped and held captive for three days before escaping, Beth Rivers seeks a place to get as far away from her assailant as possible Benedict Alaska seems like the perfect place However, Beth hadn t expected to find out about a murder or was it suicide upon arrival Using the skills she d acquired helping her grandfather, she works with local authorities to help solve the mystery, taking the reader right along with her This was entertaining and fun I cannot wait for the next one.

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