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Perky One Hundred Years Ago When I Was Young And Impulsive Okay, It Was Five, Alright Five Years Ago I Let My Boyfriend Take, Let S Just Say Compromising Pictures Of Me Shut Up It Made Sense At The Time.Surprise The Sleazy Back Stabbing Jerk Posted Them On A Website And, Well, You Can Guess What Happened That S Right.I M A Meme A Really Gross One.You Ve Seen The Pictures And If You Haven T Don T Ask And Don T Look As Face Recognition Software Online Improves, I Get Tagged On Social Media Whenever Anyone Shares My Pictures You Try Getting A Thousand Notifications A Day, All Of Them Pictures Of Your Tatas.So I M Done.It S Time For Revenge Let Him See How It Feels But How Do You Get Embarrassingly Intimate Pictures Of Your Jerkface Ex Who Double Crossed You Five Years Ago Especially When He S A Member Of The U.S.House Of Representatives Now Getting Sweet Between The Sheets With A Congressman Is Pretty Much Every Political Roadie S Dream, Right I M One In A Crowd.Except To This Day, He Swears He Didn T Do It Pursued Me For Months After I Dumped Him Five Years Ago Begged Me To Take Him Back.And I Almost Did It Almost I Was Weak And Stupid And In Love A Hundred Years Ago.Okay Fine Five.But I Still Have The Upper Hand Second Chance Romance Has All The Emotional Feels, Doesn T It I Can T Wait To Punch Him In The Feels.All I Need To Do Is Sleep With Him Once, Take Some Hot And Sweaty Pics Of Him In Delicate Positions, And Bring Him Down That S It Nothing.Pictures First Revenge After And Then I Win.At Least, That S How It Was Supposed To Happen But Then I Did Something Worse Than Sexting.I Fell In Love With Him Again.

[Reading] ➶ Perky  ➬ Julia Kent – Buyphenergan500.us
  • Paperback
  • 280 pages
  • Perky
  • Julia Kent
  • English
  • 11 February 2017
  • 9781070601946

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    ARC REVIEWPublication Date July 30, 2019 5 Can I Trust You Again Stars Have you ever finished a book and felt like this Yep, that s exactly how I felt when I finished this book.This book was so smart, funny and entertaining.I liked Perky in Fluffy, but I absolutely adored Perky s Persephone character in this book.Perky is an honest, smart, loyal, funny and dramatic character to read If she were real, I would definitely want to be her friend Life would never be boring with her in your world Perky s relationships and the dynamics with Mallory and Fiona were so entertaining to read that I didn t want to finish this story, but I wanted to savour it as long as I could.The three characters just complimented one another so well, and the fact that they ve been best friends since primary school just makes their relationships even richer because of the history and memories they have with one another.The bantering between the characters was just brilliant Then Parker appears at Mallory and Will s rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and then all hell breaks loose.The attraction, chemistry and love is still strong between Persephone and Parker But, how can you forgive someone who you think betrayed you and your trust in the most heinous of ways This story is about listening, finding out the truth and reclaiming what s always been yours I really enjoyed reading this story and look forward to reading Fiona s book.

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    I loved this one It s a funny read Persephone Perky is a wild card, you never really know what she s going to do Her friends are just as fun as her The banter between all of characters is funny Perky was the unfortunate victim of a meme with her in it having been shared all over She blames Parker, her ex, for it It s been five years since she has seen or talked to Parker They are reunited at Will and Mallory rehearsal rehearsal dinner If you read Fluffy, Will and Mallory in this one are the Will and Mallory from Fluffy There s a lot of tension between Parker and Perky Parker keeps claiming he didn t release the meme Parker seems to be a sweet decent guy and I kind of sided him with pretty early on in the story Perky s body is definitely ready to forgive and move on with Parker but her head wants revenge I was so rooting for these two but really wasn t sure if they would get their happy ever after The ending has me ready and waiting for Feisty.

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    Review to follow

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    Another sexy, hilarious, feel good romance from one of my favorite writers of rom com Full rec on

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    This awesome sequel to the hilarious Fluffy brings all our favourite characters together again Persephone, or Perky as she prefers to be called, is in a dilemma The man she loved but who betrayed her is back after 5 years of being apart and her hormones are in a state of quantum flux and her heart doesn t know whether to reach out or run for cover.Perky s trust in Parker Campbell, now the esteemed Congressman Parker Campbell, was torn to shreds when she believed that he posted a topless picture of her on the internet He has always claimed his innocence but Perky just couldn t get her head around the fact that he may not have done it Five long years later and the pair are reunited for Will and Mallory s wedding rehearsal rehearsal dinner no I did not make a mistake, she is actually having a rehearsal of her rehearsal dinner Perky has a plan but is revenge what she really wants Perky is a great character She has an I don t care attitude but deep down she is a very vulnerable, mistrusting person Parker has worked his way up through the political ranks and is now a congressman One thing that never changed was his love for Persephone he is one of only two people who call her that and he will keep claiming his innocence until she final listens to him As with any Julia Kent book there is mischief and mayhem in abundance Perky s brilliant idea doesn t quite go according to plan and Parker seems to have turned into the Grim Reaper Will and Mallory are stuck in the middle, although Will is awesome when he defends Perky If ever you need an excuse not to have a voice activated recording app on your phone, then just remember poor Perky A definite must read this summer It s not essential but I would highly recommend reading Fluffy first, and don t forget Little Miss Perfect the prequel to Fluffy Looking forward to seeing what Feisty has in store for us ARC courtesy of Julia Kent.

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    Perky is a second chance, steamy romcom with a message about forgiveness and friendship Persephone nicknamed Perky is just a tad stubborn, but full of passion Anytime her and Parker are in the same vicinity sparks ignite and clothes seem to vanish They are one hot pair The you learn about the betrayal, you understand why she walked away and had to protect her heart If she had stayed it wouldn t have taken much to give in to Parker and his talented tongue.Parker is a smooth talking congressman, everyone loves him actually, but when he s around Persephone he s a sweet talking man see where were your thoughts regarding Parker s tongue The temperature rises and I can see why Persephone has a hard time keeping her hands or lips off the man From the very beginning he starts out apologizing and reitorizes that he did not betray her He stays true and he is a very likeable character.Even though Perky can be read as a standalone, I will encourage those who haven t read Fluffy to pick it up First, because it s a great book, second, because there are a lot of references I believe you will enjoy if you are familiar with it Like Mallory is currently planning her wedding with Will, whom we meet in Fluffy Persephone hasn t seen Parker for five years since he currently resides in another state, but Will knows him, wasn t aware of the falling out between them, but has invited Parker to stand in as one of his groomsmen Hence, time for a second chance with the girl who ghosted him after a huge mess.Persephone spends quite a bit of time talking about Parker s arrival in town with her two best friends, Mallory and Fiona, which sometimes makes reading Perky like watching a Sex and the City episode Both hilarious and highly entertaining.When Parker and Persephone are on the page together, dim the lights, grab a glass of wine and prepare for the feels The magic between them is like nothing I ve ever read.

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    ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

    Perky was a hilarious, tremendous and so much fun story Be ready to come back to this place when the characters had no filters and mostly the most uncensored of all, Persephone, Perky.A woman with a dazzling personality, who doesn t give a damn about what people think Hot tempered, stubborn and passionate She was so unpredictable at times, wild and also not letting any men too close after Parker s betrayal.Perky and Parker have been in love and it crashed before they even had a chance to build something From this moment, Perky hated him with a fire of a thousand suns because her life was ruined Hopefully she was resourceful and not letting it to bring her down.Until she met him so many years later, after she finally found her balance and watching her best friend engaged and preparing for her wedding And anything went wrong, all bets were off and war was coming I adored how she went from hate to lust and love, and her actions spoke louder than words Parker was on a mission, determined to prove that he wasn t involved, and having too much fun to push her buttons and to ignite the fire Because these two together, it was just explosive.Once again I ve been totally hooked and I adored how the author s mind It was tremendously hilarious, sexy and so offbeat I had a freaking blast It was so much fun, hilarious and totally not politically correct for sure but so damn good I laughed so hard it hurt, the author wrote stories so preposterous but it.worked.every.time It was so well rounded, very brilliant and subtle It seemed like light hearted but it was definitely .And the ending the icing on the cake I cried from laughing so hard, truly.A very promising story to come I can t wait.

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    THIS BOOK WAS ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT We are introduced to Perky in Fluffy and it just made me and intrigued into how everything was going to play out for her This girl is strong and fierce, but that doesn t mean she has a heart of ice in fact it is completely the other way around She gave her heart over 5 years ago to Parker and then a horrific event goes down that changes her completely and she looses the love of her life.This book was excellently laid out and showed just how much heart good and bad that people are able to have I will not go into details because that is part of the fun with this book and how bombs kept being dropped and I was like no way I can tell you that Parker and Perky are NOT done at least if he has anything to say about it and the journey is hilarious, steamy, and just down right GOOD All in all, I totally recommend reading this RomCom if you want a few laughs and steamy moments and pure love Great job Julia Kent, I am beyond excited for the next installment and to read Fiesty Thank you to Julia Kent and Give Me Books PR for allowing me an advanced copy of the book in return for an honest review

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    Perky is like a triple shot of espresso of crazy, spiked with a dash of reality and topped with a lot of love Perky reconnects with the love of her life who posted her picture on the internet five years ago This is where they take you on this crazy, out of control rollercoaster ride that is their story I loved that the story continues right after the end of Fluffy and will takes you to Fiona s story which should be next The love that Perky and Parker have was real, but can it withstand time and the issue surrounding their break up Another great story by Julia and I can t wait to read what s next for this band of merry characters It is the must read of the summer I honestly volunteered to review this arc.

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